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-Sandeep Santosh-

Madhavan’s ‘Charlie’ without disappointing

We have seen a lot of films that are themed around stories of blossoming love. But when you start a love affair, you have to think about the film that ends the story. Dulquer Salman’s movie ‘Charlie’, which has been in theaters for more than 100 days, has seen such content. Before the release, Charlie was not confined to a particular category due to Dulquer’s look and costume. Directed by Martin Prakat, Charlie is now in Tamil as ‘Mara’.

The Tamil remake stars Madhavan, Shraddha Srinath, Sivada, Mauli, Padmavathi Rao, Abhirami and Seema in the lead roles. The film is directed by Dileep Kumar and produced under the banner of Pramod Films. The Mara show has started on January 8th through Amazon Prime.

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The Tamil remake, which generally does justice to Charlie at first glance, is critiqued with a slight comparison to how similar and different it is from the original. Charlie’s story, which showed a great deal of communication ability, was simple but as colorful and eventful as the comics. Although the cast and crew seem to have prepared Mara for the screenplay and for some reason, the film has undergone some appropriate changes.

Mara (Madhavan) Manimaran is a person who enters the lives of those who need support and shade without being invited. He is a natural artist who is not easily caught by anyone, but above all he is a good-natured person. Maran causes every man he meets to change his outlook on life with his personality, which is why Mara is equally beloved by all.

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Even close acquaintances cannot tell exactly where Mara is or when she will return. Parvathy (Shraddha), who calls herself the heroine Paru, arrives in Kochi from Chennai to avoid her arranged marriage.

Paru is amazed to see that the story he only knows is painted on several walls by someone else. Coincidentally, Paru also arrives at the house where Maran was staying. Paru realizes that it was Mara who turned the story he knows into pictures and falls in love with him. Later, Paru and the audience came to know about Maran through his paintings and those in them. But Maran’s life was not limited to that. Paru continues his quest to reconcile the links that the pictures and acquaintances there could not fill.

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Mara is a beautiful and musical journey to the moment when the path of the traveler Mara and the path of the paru looking for him reach the same level.

Those who have seen Charlie may have missed a lot of things when they saw Mara. Apart from the cast, there are some changes in the characters. The biggest change in Malayalam is that the characters (double) played by Chemban Vinod have been truncated into one character. Similarly, the role of the magician played by Nasser disappeared due to the change in the climax. In the case of some other roles as well, they have either disappeared or lost their relevance. Instead you may witness some new scenes.

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Mara begins and ends very differently from Charlie. Many of the favorite stars of the Malayalees lined up in Charlie, as well as the presence of Malayalees in the Tamil version. The film stars Malayalam actors like Seema, Abhirami, Sivada, Rajesh Sharma, Mala Parvathy, Minon and Vishnu Govindan. Rajesh played the same role as Rajesh Sharma in Charlie.

The director did not copy Charlie like that in ‘Mara’. The film begins with a grandmother’s story, carries on with the story, and ends with another meaning of the story. While Charlie ends in a very colorful setting in the background of Thrissur, the climax in Marayil is not as colorful as in Charlie’s. But the new climax is even more heartwarming and satisfying. Marayil is about twenty minutes longer than Charlie, and at the time the film was not in vain. So the gist is that there are some things to see in Marayon more from Charlie. With the changes in the script, even those who have seen Charlie can enjoy Mara without getting bored.

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In my opinion, Mara’s screenplay is one step ahead of Charlie’s. The answer is about ninety percent, given how successful the director has been in re-translating Charlie’s into Tamil without losing his soul. Although it is not possible to record any shortcomings from Mara at first glance as a new film, Mara as a remake of Charlie can be seen to be a bit far from it.

Manimaran in Tamil is a bit different from the character traits of Charlie, the central character in the original. If Charlie is a person who travels through different places without any particular purpose, there are some motives behind Maran’s journey. Although both are artists, selfless, and even more good-natured, those who have seen Charlie’s movie have been able to experience an atmosphere that transcends the protagonist (at least in the beginning). Madhavan’s character is very simple but powerful (like our ‘Java’!).

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Let us now compare the two images one by one. First of all, let’s take a look at the title, although it’s not new, it’s an old name. The name was designed to suit the character of the protagonist. Although Mara’s title is appealing, it’s a name that is often heard in Tamil.

The basic story is the same in both films so it is not told yet. Although the script is of two types, both are excellent in their own right. If Charlie is ahead in character creation, Mara is ahead in Total Impact. Dulquer-Parvathi duo and Madhavan-Shraddha duo played the lead roles in the film. The acting style of the actors was different but one could not say that they were ahead of the other.

Madhavan’s captivating chemistry can be seen in the film. Actor Nedumudi Venu’s Malayalam character Mauli has done the same in Tamil without any shortcomings. While all the other actors in Mara have done their roles beautifully, the audience who has seen Charlie will miss the likes of Kalpana, Chemban Vinod, Tovino Thomas, Saubin Shahir, Neeraj Madhav and Ranji Panicker. However, as mentioned earlier, the long list of Malayalam stars like Abhirami, Seema and Minon has helped a lot.

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Karthik Muthukumar and Dinesh Krishnan move the camera for Mara, and Bhuvan Sreenivasan’s editing and Dileep Kumar’s directing changes to the original, no less than Jomon T John’s visuals. And last but not least, the headline made you read this article.

The songs of Charlie sung by Gopi Sunder and the background music were very suitable for the film. It would have felt a little less than that, but it would have affected Mara. But the songs composed by Gibran are even more impressive than those of Charlie. When the lyrics were full of meaning and beauty, all the songs in Marai became better than each other. The background music provided by Gibran himself will also create a spring of joy in the hearts of the audience.

Haven’t we seen a lot of remakes that can be described as Ajagajantaram? There is not much difference between Charlie and Mara, however, and both are the same kind of rope. Mara’s success is that even those who walk with Charlie in their heart can enjoy it well. It would be better to describe ‘Mara’ as being inspired by it than a Charlie remake. Recommending ‘Mara’ to all types of audiences and expressing grief over the loss of the theatrical experience