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Aquaman star’s new movie with revenge story!
-Sandeep Santosh

‘Sweet Girl’ is a new Hollywood movie starring world famous actor Jason Momova through Game of Thrones and Aquaman. The film is a crime revenge drama and is directed by newcomer Brian Andrew Mendoza. The film also stars Isabella Merced, Manuel Garcia Rulfo, Amy Brunman, Justin Bertha and Raza Geoffrey.

The film opens with the family life of Ray Cooper after the first scene in which the FBI follows the central character. Ray Cooper, who lived happily with his wife and daughter, Rachel, is mentally and financially crippled by his wife’s cancer. He kept trying to treat his wife by selling everything he had and working overtime. Although a new drug has been found to be effective in treating cancer, Simon Keeley, CEO of Bioprime, has been reluctant to launch it. Cooper’s last hope was dashed by the decision of the pharmaceutical company. The film begins its journey on a new track as Ray Cooper sets out to avenge those who withheld drugs for selfish gain that could have saved the life of his beloved wife.

Some come across Cooper’s journey with his teenage daughter. It remains to be seen whether those who set out to take revenge without even knowing who their opponent is will be able to do so.

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Those who fight for the safety of the family and those who take revenge for the loss of the family can be seen in movies in all languages ​​in general. Several images in the same format have already arrived. However, the story of the film is not repetitive. The script of the film is designed with a lot of emphasis on emotions.

The audience can understand how big the loss to the main characters is. With the exception of a few characters, such as Ray Cooper, Rachel, and the FBI agent, the rest of the characters are not well sewn by the screenwriters.
In addition to being a revenge story, the film also seeks to expose the exploits and tactics of drug companies and politicians. But the film does not go into its depths unless such topics are touched upon.

Those who watch the trailer and expect a good action thriller will be a little disappointed. There are very few action scenes in the film. The fights were realistic but the intensity was low. But the truth is that the lack of action doesn’t seem to be a drawback when the film’s major twist is revealed.
The director’s presentation is simple without making the audience feel dizzy while watching the film. The crucial turning point as we approach the climax is unexpected. Although the twist is a little shocking to the audience, it is not difficult to understand or comprehend. But still, a section of the audience may find it difficult to logically agree with this twist.

The actors have handled their roles very neatly. This time, the captain Jason Momova shone in the emotional scenes. While those who expected the thriller action of the actor did not get it, one can see the different incarnation of the actor who came to reality from the superhero environment.
There is a scene where Cooper is mourning the death of his wife and is in a coma in the hospital. The actor performed the part in a way that struck a chord with the audience. Not only that, the actor has performed remarkably well on many occasions where the emotional angle of the character appears. As the name of the film suggests, the story revolves around Rachel, Cooper’s daughter. There are two in two periods
Presented by Rachel.

It’s hard to recognize the fact that two people came together as a character because of the excellence in the casting. Isabella’s performance as 18 – year – old Rachel. The actress excelled in convincing the audience of the mood of the character and in handling the action scenes.
The fact that those who portrayed the negative characters did not get enough space in the film is a big drawback. Cooper’s main rival is the villain Amo Santos. Although the actor portrayed this character as a professional killer flawlessly, it only felt like a normal character due to a flaw in the script.

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The director failed to turn the film into an action thriller other than an emotional revenge drama. Though the downfall was thought to be the calm before a volcano erupted, the image did not burn as expected. Though the climax was not bad, the journey to it was not smooth at all.
The camera work of the film, which includes several high angle shots and helical shots, is beautiful. Although Barry Ackroyd’s cinematography contributed to the film, the sheer number of shaky camera shots used to convey the story realistically turned out to be annoying. Steven Price’s music made for an average experience.
The editing was done by Math Cheese, including the correct placement of the major twist in the film. Netflix and fans of the stars will not miss the movie that can be enjoyed by those who watch it without giving too much expectation.

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