avantika aishwarya rajesh pavel navageethan starrer boomika movie review rating in malayalam

-Sandeep Santosh-

The earth knows how to save itself, let human beings save their own lives! ‘Earth’ is not a horror movie.

After the thriller ‘Thittam Irand’, the horror thriller ‘Bhoomika’ starring Aishwarya Rajesh has been released. Bhoomi is the latest film by Rathindran R Prasad, who directed the short film ‘Inmai’ in the ‘Navarasa’ series. The movie has also started streaming on Netflix 9 hours after the live premiere on the Star Vijay channel. Produced by Karthik Subbaraj, ‘Bhoomika’ is available in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi on Netflix.

Although the film is in the horror genre, it is not a revenge story of regularly encountered ghosts. The film world is watching to see if the director, who managed to capture the majority of the audience with his half-hour film ‘Inmai’, will succeed this time as well. ” This earth speaks to us every moment …

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I know you can save me, if you can, save yourself from me! ”

Although the film begins with the numbers commonly seen in Indian horror films, the subsequent story is different. Ideally, the role is similar to that of the 2017 Hollywood film Mother. Such diverse stories and experiments are welcome in the Indian film industry, including Tamil.

The film begins with a young man who was driving while talking on the phone with his fully pregnant wife and is brutally killed in a car accident. The five characters are then introduced to an old building in the middle of an uninhabited forest in Ooty.

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Gautam came to Ooty with his psychologist wife Samyuktha and son Sidhu as part of a real estate project for a minister. Gautam’s sister Aditi and his friend Gayatri come to help them. There are some supernatural interventions in the building where they are staying. When there is no way to escape from there at night, the film shows them trying to unravel the mystery behind them and the subsequent events.

The film stars Avantika in the role of Bhumika, Vidhu in the role of Gautama, Surya Ganapathi in the role of Gayatri and Madhuri in the role of Aditi. In most cases, the reaction was not circumstantial. The most notable performance in the film was by Avantika. Avantika’s limbs, fingers and eyes are all played by a child with autism. Avantika, who has become a full-fledged character in mind and body, has been elevated to the level she can. Apart from casting Aishwarya Rajesh for the publicity of the film, the screenplay did not give much importance to the character of the actress.

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Aishwarya has done the job beautifully. The actress deserves congratulations for choosing different images. After Aishwarya and Avantika, Powell Navgeetan played the role of Watchman Dharman. The impact of the actor’s conversations is huge. Only Powell and Avantika were able to connect their characters with the audience.

Many clichd scenes are included in the first half of the film to create a horror mood. Similar events can be seen in this half of the Malayalam movie Chaturmukham. The film becomes even more intriguing as it moves into flashback after the first half when it is difficult to fully engage the audience. One of the main attractions of the film is the innovative story that Tamil films have not shared.

However, the director’s script did not do it justice. Director Rathindran R Prasad has not been able to make the film a thriller that puts the audience on the edge of its seat. The director has meticulously produced only the central character, Bhumika, and the character Dharman. The conversations given to Dharman are also excellent. It is through those dialogues that the audience learns what the spirit of the film is.

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Errors in the sequence and logic of the scenes are a stumbling block in many parts of the film. After seeing the message on the phone, Aishwarya’s character goes out at night and arrives on time with the watchman Randall.

In another scene Gautam tried to use a landline phone while others were out and he came back and tried but nothing happened so he says he will have to stay here for now. Then Aishwarya’s character Samyukta tells the others, ‘Gautam has tried everything .. Landline is not working either’, but how did Samyukta know without Gautam saying ?!

Similarly, there are many things in the film that take advantage of freedom of expression. Their chariot did not turn on because the ghost tried not to let the characters back down. But at some point, Samyukta (Aishwarya) does nothing but chase the ghost while driving the same vehicle!

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Photography has become one of the greatest assets of cinema. Roberto Zassara captures the scenes by highlighting it in a story of great importance to nature. The photography of the tree, the vines, the butterflies, everything is very beautiful. Wide angle shots are used beautifully to bring to the screen a tree that is important in the story. The flashback scenes are full of natural beauty and the photographers can be said to have flourished by capturing the night shots brightly.

The soundtrack of the film, the lighting of the night scenes and the artwork were magnificent. Like the photographer, AR Mohan, the art director, really took the opportunity to show off his craft. The music by Prithvi Chandrasekhar and the editing by Anand Gerald are below average. The importance of the message that the film shares, the different story and the excellent visuals make the film worth a look.

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