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Want to buy a condom? ‘Helmet‘Image to be seen
-Sandeep Santosh

In general, Indians are reluctant to use condoms, which are used for contraception and to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. The fact is that the condom users and those who want to use it do not even pronounce the word in public.

‘Helmet’, released through C5, is a Hindi film that exposes the ignorance and shyness of society regarding the use of condoms. The film is directed by Satram Ramani. The film stars Aporadhakthi Khurana, Pranuthan Bal, Abhishek Banerjee, Ashish Verma, Ashish Vidyarthi, Jameel Khan, Sharif Hashmi and Sanand Verma. In addition to these, the producer of the film, Dino Morea, has also shown his face in a small scene.

Everyone needs money. Some people try to make money in a straightforward way while others go through shortcuts for it. The helmet depicts the attempts of three young men to make quick money and the subsequent developments. The film begins with an NGO called Knap arriving in Rajnagar, Uttar Pradesh, to conduct a survey on the use of condoms. Needless to say, they took the beating in the name of the survey!

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After convincing the story of the story from the beginning, the film soon turns to the life of the protagonist Lucky. Lucky, the leader of a band, is prevented from getting money by his girlfriend. He went down to find money for it because he could marry his girlfriend if he started a band of his own. Lucky’s last attempt was to rob an e-commerce company’s truck. Lucky and his friends Sultan and Minus try to rob a truck carrying electronic devices.

But those who were expecting valuables, including mobile phones, got a huge collection of condoms! Their efforts to sell it continue to lead the film in an interesting way.

Ours is a society that has not received proper sex education. Many of its own problems can be seen in society and in the thinking of individuals. Lack of sex education has even contributed to violence against women and young children. The majority of the people in the society live in public wearing the mask of civility. India has the lowest condom use among Asian countries. This is the main reason for the growing population, diseases including AIDS and the increase in the number of orphaned children.

The film presents a social issue that is relevant beyond the element of comedy. Ayushman Khurana usually appears in films on such social issues, but this time his brother ‘Aparaparthi Khurana is the lot. The situation of those who are going to buy a condom in a medical store has been portrayed in many films including comedy in Malayalam. Beyond such a scene, no films have come to focus on this subject. Helmet should not be dismissed as an adult comedy. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

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The comedy workout in the film is through natural scenes. The story of the film is relevant and intriguing to the audience. But the script and dialogues written by Rohan Shankar are average. It is true that there are a few moments and dialogues in the film that make the audience laugh, and such humorous dialogues also caught the attention in the trailer. But the script did not have the power to hold the audience together. The audience does not connect with the main characters, including the nominee.

It is disappointing that the screenwriter has not done much in creating the characters and preparing the situations for the comedy workout.
Audiences who have seen the film will also be able to identify a number of possibilities that could have presented the subject attractively. But director Satram Ramani has not thought beyond what is in the script. The film’s interventions by the director in an attempt to convey the seriousness of the subject along with the humor have adversely affected the film.

The emotional dialogue that ensues in the parts where the audience is getting ready to laugh, and the crowd at the climax, are thus perceived as the director’s wrong decisions. The change of heart of the character of Ashish Vidyarthi and the welcome of the crowd at the climax keep the story away from reality.

The audience will be delighted that the stars, who have shined as co-stars in many films, have come together. But the film did not allow them to enjoy their performances as expected. The chances of the actors shining in the script were very slim. The roles were not strong but everyone did the job beautifully. Apothecary, Abhishek Banerjee, Ashish Verma and Sanand Verma are the other big names in the audience.

The comedy timing of Aparadhakthi and Abhishek Banerjee is excellent but they did not manage to entertain the audience throughout the film. More interesting was Ashish Verma’s role of the deaf minus. Had he really taken advantage of the minus that the head understands to be the tail, it could have captured the audience without the help of the ‘condo’.
Though he has appeared in a few scenes as a medical store owner, Sanand Verma has given him something to laugh about. Pranuthan Ball, who became the heroine, performed very poorly. What was seen in the actress’ expressions was not a reaction according to the circumstances. The actress’ inability to handle conversations properly is also a weakness.

The background music is mediocre and the songs in the film are average. The song ‘Barbad’ sung by Nirman and the song ‘Band Baj Gaya’ sung by Tony Cocker are essentially flawless. There is nothing special about photography and editing. It is unfortunate that the film, which ends in an hour and a half, did not fully entertain the audience for so long. Despite the excellent cast and strong story, the lack of script and direction left the film mediocre.

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