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-Jeans K Benny-

Religion is Sensitive! ‘Wankh’, a bold approach!

Religion and customs have been the subject of much controversy and debate in recent times. Malayalam cinema is competing to bring these sensitive and intense issues to the audience. Kavya Prakash, daughter of director VK Prakash, has been selected for her first directorial venture. Newcomer Shabna Mohammad has penned the script for Unni Aar’s story. Kavya turns the camera on women who are being marginalized in the Muslim community.

The main characters in the film are Razia, a college student and her family. In college, she was accompanied by three classmates. Degree study is in its final days, and all three of Razia’s girlfriends are fulfilling their wishes by taking the word of the teacher who advises them to fulfill all your desires before you leave college and say goodbye to campus.

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Everyone was waiting to find out what Razia wanted, but Razia said she wanted to call Wank. Although everyone said that a Muslim girl could not call Wang, it was forbidden, but Razia did not back down from her wish. Eventually, Razia’s girlfriend Jyoti comes to her aid. But things were getting out of hand.

Through one of her characters, Kavya shows that religion is sensitive and proves just how sensitive it is. The film questions the system in which religion dangerously controls thoughts and actions, portraying women as slaves of men with no identity and no desires. It is while wearing the hijab that one becomes the guardian of a handful of reactionary ideas that are considered conservative, thinking that one becomes a real Muslim, and even the desire to learn is not accompanied by marriage.

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The story written by Unni R in the background of Kottayam has been transplanted to Malappuram in the film. It gives life and credibility to the film. While all the characters performed well, Vineet’s performance as Razia’s father deserves praise.

Vineet’s character, Razak, is a strong male character in the film who speaks from the feminist side. He has been able to make it so believable and excellent. Anashwara Rajan succeeds in making the audience experience Razia with her fears, sorrows and self-satisfaction at the fulfillment of her desires. Everyone who came into the film, big and small, did full justice to the story and characters.

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പ്പSappachan’s music and background music give the film a great feel ഫ. Major Ravi’s son Arjun Ravi’s cinematography is excellent. The second half of the film, which is one and a half hours long, makes the audience more excited than the first half. The climax is the audience holding hands with Razia. As Wank turns into a heartwarming visual experience, the subject of the film still exists with its sheer emotional intensity, forcing her to hide her desires and dreams with a black long sleeve covering her body.