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-Sandeep Santosh-

What about the Akshay wave? ‘Bellbottom’ shines on the theater screen.

A Bollywood superstar film has arrived as the first consolation to the theaters that Kovid has opened after the second wave – ‘Bellbottom’. The Bollywood film world is looking forward to the movie which has the potential to make a splash in the theaters after a long time. ‘Bellbottom’ is a spy action thriller starring Akshay Kumar and directed by Ranjith M Tiwari.

The film stars Akshay Kumar, Vani Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, Lara Dutta and Adil Hussain in the lead roles. There have been several hijackings in the history of India. Belbottom is a film based on some real events that took place in the eighties. The film opens with the hijacking of a 1984 plane.

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In an urgent meeting with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and top officials, he summons Roe’s best analyst to solve the problem, whose code name is Belbotom. Anshul, also known as Belbotam, who has studied the same subject in depth for years, has personal reasons for approaching the case. Anshul’s mother died in a similar situation.

If India had hitherto accepted the demands of the hijackers, the Prime Minister’s decision would have been the opposite. The plane landed in Amritsar and Lahore, Pakistan and finally landed at Dubai airport. The film looks at how RAW agents are completing their mission in Dubai, where India’s interventions are limited.

Khilladi Akshay Kumar’s fans are enthusiastically receiving the film. Although the action scenes are lacking in the film, the actor is able to make a powerful impact on the screen. It is safe to say that the film manages to impress both the actor’s fans and the audience.

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The biggest advantage of ‘Belbot’ is that you can enjoy the movie in the theater after a long time. Theaters have been closed in all major revenue-generating areas, including Maharashtra. Therefore, the producers and Akshay Kumar deserve congratulations for releasing the film in theaters that are half open.

You can see that it took about 10-15 minutes to convince the audience what the trajectory of Belbot is. Then there is a wave of excitement in the theater with the hero’s entry. But the camera soon made its way back to the 1979 flashback scene. From there, the film progresses with a few romantic and more emotional scenes.

The first half is almost over by the time the characters and situations are introduced. Thirty-two-year-old Anshul Malhotra arrives on the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in India and his training excites the audience, albeit slightly in the first half. The second half is entirely focused on the mission that Bellbottom undertook. The director has never managed to divert the attention of the audience from the screen.

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The story of the film is very strong, inspired by real events. Along with Pakistan’s attempts to tear India apart, the film also mentions the Khalistan movement of Sikhs. The stories of real-life heroes who have played a pivotal role in India’s security but have not received a name or recognition are very happy to be applauded, even in theaters.

It is not too long since the release of the Hindi film ‘Bhuj’, which is a bad expression of the amazing story that has been taken from the history of India. It is a relief that Belbot is able to overcome the disappointment that the film caused in the audience. Compared to Bhuju, there are few incidents in the story of Belbot who has no other superstars besides Akshay Kumar.

Although the role of visual effects was minimal, the existing ones were handled flawlessly. Although the lack of action scenes seemed to the audience a disadvantage, it did not require more of the story of the film. The fight is realistic, set against a small but sandy background. Patriotism is also beautifully embedded in the story of India standing on its knees in front of bargaining hijackers. The screenplay also emotionally connects the audience, giving appropriate screen space to all the main characters.

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Akshay’s character’s relationship with his mother can be clearly understood by the audience and in some cases it may make the eyes of the audience weep. Akshay Kumar’s spy thriller ‘Baby’ also has a lot of fans. Although the thrill is a bit less this time around, Belbot is the same one that lies with the movie Baby.

Ranjith M Tiwari has made the film without boring the audience in the slightest. The film reached its peak in the second half with a faster pace and fully engaged audience. But the director has not been able to provide all the elements that the audience expects from a spy thriller. Twists, suspense, thrilling chasing scenes and fights are the basics that the audience expects from this kind of film.
There are some twists in the film but its intensity is low. The fight and other action scenes did not get as expected.

Although the action was not seen in the first half scenes after the protagonist joined Roe, it was not disappointing. Because it was expected that the interest would be recovered in the second half. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly – and why they’re doing so poorly. Fight sequences were also very low at the climax. It is comforting to be able to recreate the scenes of the eighties in a believable way in the film. The background music by Daniel B. George has also helped bring back the old times.

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Although the lack of action scenes expected from Akshay Kumar was a negative factor for Belbot, the screen presence of the star was immense! Even when Akshay entered the scene with a suitable entry for a superstar, the curtain was on fire. The background music of the actor’s various entries, music, costumes, look and dialogue filled the theater to a great extent.

Akshay Kumar’s presence was the main factor that kept the audience in the seats for more than two hours. Adil Hussain and Lara Dutta, who played Indira Gandhi, have done well. An interesting conversation about Adil Hussain Rowe was about forcing the audience to applaud.

The actor, who also acted as an ISI agent, has also put on an impressive performance. Actors like Vani Kapoor and Huma Qureshi did not play a big role in the film and the director did not manage to use them properly. The opening song was only average, it was omitted but there was no particular loss. The song ‘Tum Avoge’ sung by Arman Malik in the climax was heartwarming and emotional.

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All the scenes in the film were of good quality. Rajeev Ravi, the favorite cinematographer and director of Malayalees has shot the scenes for the film. In short, it is a movie that deserves to be seen in the very engaging Bellbottom Theater, avoiding excessive expectations.

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