Revenge of one woman by another; ‘Rachel’ gets attention

Realistic Adventure Drama by a Few FriendsRachel‘Gaining attention on YouTube. The short film tells the story of a girl’s revenge against her boyfriend for threatening to release her private pictures. But what makes the film thrilling is that it is done with the help of another girl.

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She approaches a female goonda in the area for this. They take it as a quotation. The 13 minute 39 second film tells the story of the events that followed. The short film is a thriller film with beautiful visuals and sync sound.

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Written and directed by Arun C Premrajan, the film is produced by Vishnu Prasad. Camera Unnikrishnan, Editing Nivin Pandavath, Sound Design and Mixing Shefin Mayan, BGM Kiran Jose, DI Alvin Tommy, Poster Akhil A Kumar, Title Lord, Starring Ajeesh Jose, Mincy Dyson, Maria, Arun Cherot and Thomas.

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