Rajeev Ravi


  • This is the third film produced by Sukumar Thekkepattu under the banner of Thekkepattu Films
  • Rajeev Ravi is coming with a big star cast this time.
  • Starring Nimisha Sajayan, Indrajith Sukumaran, Joju George, Poornima Indrajith, Arjun Ashokan, Sudev Nair and Manikandan Achari in the lead roles.

The movie is eagerly awaited by the movie lovers Port. Nivin made Polly the captain Rajeev Ravi Some of the things that the director said about the film he is directing are attracting the attention of social media. The film is set to hit theaters on May 13. Rajeev Ravi says that ‘Port’ is one of the most sought after films he has ever made. The director says that since this is a period film and the 30s, 40s and 50s are coming, it was a big challenge to recreate it.

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Rajeev Ravi said that even though he was from Ernakulam, he did not know the historical significance of the Mattancherry shooting till yesterday. The director says that it was too late to know that such an incident had taken place and that it was also through a play called ‘Port’. Rajeev Ravi said this while opening his mind to Cannes channel.

The play was written by Chidambaram Master. Rajeev Ravi said that Chidambaram was Gopan’s father who wrote the screenplay for the port and that Gopan was his close friend and through Gopan I learned more about the Mattancherry shooting and its historical oblivion. The director says that we had recently re-launched the play ‘Port’ and the play received a good response. Rajeev Ravi said that was the inspiration for making the port a movie.

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The Mattancherry shooting took place in 1953. Labor disputes over the port and related strikes culminated in the shooting. According to the official explanation, three people were killed. However, Rajeev Ravi openly said that some eyewitnesses to the incident are still alive in Mattancherry and the death toll from their experiences is much higher.

The agitation was initiated by the Left movements for the protection of the rights of the workers. However, Rajeev Ravi said in an interview that there were many internal dramas in it and you will understand it when you watch the movie. Rajeev Ravi says that despite such a historic struggle, it is a mystery that it has been forgotten and nowhere in the historical records has there been a detailed account of the Mattancherry shooting. Rajeev Ravi, the director of the port, said that he came forward to make a film like ‘Port’ because he felt it needed a documentation.