KGF star Ramachandra Raju in Arun Vijay’s next Tamil film!


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The 31st movie starring Tamil actor Arun Vijay has been completed recently. The location images of the film had garnered a lot of attention in cyberspace. Since then, two films have been announced as Arun’s. Fans are now excited about the new news that has been shared by the cast of Arun’s 33rd film.

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In the 33rd movie starring Arun Vijay KGF Actor Ramachandra Raju is all set to play a pivotal role in the upcoming film. The film is directed by Hari. Ramachandra Raju is a notable actor who played the role of Garuda in the first part of KGF starring Yash.

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Arun’s new film is being prepared as a rural entertainment film. It is learned that the shooting of the film will start this month. The film was announced by director Hari at the end of last year. It has been eagerly awaited by movie lovers ever since. There are many films that are being prepared for release in the ranks of Arun.