home movie review: That silence will make us cry; That smile will cool the heart. What a man he is; Anju Parvathy on Home! – home movie malayalam fans review post viral on social media

Full applause Home Achieving a brand new movie. Written and directed by Rojin Thomas, Home is a family of Indrans, Manju Pillai, Srinath Bhasi, Nuslan and Kainakari Thankaraj. The film also features other characters and their families. Now, a post shared by journalist Anju Parvati is going viral.

To Anju’s words!

Home is a homegrown film that conquers the eye and the liver on OT platforms without revenge, politics, religion, violence or sex. The film tells the story of an ordinary family as an extraordinary family. No matter what movies you miss, don’t miss this one. Because it’s not just a movie; Rather it is a reflection of each of us.

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I am, you are, we are all in this movie, which has been cooked with the utmost taste by adding the flavors of love to the everyday things that happen in every home. With the consistency of the script and the acting of the characters, every viewer may feel that we are seeing the interior of our house in this way.

I’m the Anthony Oliver twist in this movie. I am not at all perfect for behaving very polished on Facebook and showing the extreme of all emotions in my own home. I am not the real me in the husband’s house. No one knew me as well as my mother, my father, my grandmother, my aunts, my uncle’s children, my uncles. Prabhish begins to know. We express our imperfect individuality only to those we love the most. The greatest truth is that only our parents can love me unconditionally, no matter who rejects me.

I have the female version of Appachan, who always urinates in home cinema, in my house. My 90-year-old grandmother. My mother’s name is one of the most talked about in the office, even though it’s been decades since she retired from her job in the agricultural office.

Chepp Kilukkana is our yo-yo pearl that a friend loves to sing. I have the same version of my youngest son in the home movie at home. Tuttu, the son of Kunjamma. Most of the mugs and glasses in the kitchen are found in his room, which is a favorite pastime. A seventeen-year-old boy who, like Charles, keeps calling his mother for a very small thing, watching a horror movie at night and calling his mother until he goes to the toilet in the living room. The noisy, but most loving chicken, who turns off the fan in the morning and picks up her mother with a bath towel. How quickly I saw Tutu in him when I saw Nestl.

The plus-one who loved the puffs in the water pumpkin later became a checker with a knife in his hand when he reached the grave. When he got home from there, he became our own child in our home. Money! You are a real actor. We have nothing to say about Indransen. That silence will make us cry; That smile will cool the heart. What a man he is!

Home is the harvest festival of goodness and love that we give to the Malayalees this Onam season

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