‘Can you kill someone for me?’; Anupama’s ‘Freedom at Midnight’ teaser goes viral!


  • Shane’s new movie.
  • Viral teaser
  • Anxious audience

Entered Malayalam cinema through the film Premam Anupama Parameswaran He is now a favorite of South India. Anupama Parameswaran, who has become one of the leading actresses in Telugu cinema, returned to Malayalam last year after a long hiatus. Anupama made her comeback with Dulquer Salman’s Maniyara’s Ashokan.

Now another movie starring Anupama is coming. The short film Freedom at Midnight is about to hit the screens. The teaser of this has been released by the activists.

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The Freedom @ Midnight teaser starring actress Anupama Parameswaran is currently going viral on cyberspace. Third place went to RJ, who was notable for his projects c / o Saira Bhanu. The film is scripted and directed by Shawn. Produced by Akhila Mithun. Hakim Shahjahan Is the protagonist of this film. Anupama plays a very strong female character in the film.

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The teaser of the film has become a wave in cyberspace. Anupama also played the role of Assistant Director in ‘Maniyarayile Asokan’. After the Malayalam film Premam, he appeared in films like James and Alice and Jomon’s Gospels.