‘Blue’ in makeover look; Fans will be happy to see their beloved after so many days!


  • Nisha Sarang’s new look goes viral
  • Active in movies
  • The actor was busy shooting

Nisha Sarang is one of the few celebrities who has been searching on social media for the past few days. For more than a week now, audiences have been watching Neelu, who has been smashing for years as Neelu in the series ‘Salt and Pepper’, a favorite of mini-screen audiences. Many people often share their grief over not being able to see their loved ones on social media as the series has taken a short break. Meanwhile, they are very active on the stars’ YouTube channel.

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Meanwhile, fans are overjoyed to have found their favorite. The social media interpretation is that the audience has found ‘Neelu’ in a big makeover look too. Aju Vaggis and Dhyan Srinivasan team up ‘Let the light flyThe shooting of the movie ‘started yesterday. The pooja of this film was also held last day. Nisha Sarang will be seen as a character in the film. Nisha was also present at the pooja.

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Nisha Sarangam came to the pooja in a makeover look. ‘Blue fans’ have found that the length of the hair is cut short and smoothed and styled. Fans also point out that Neelu also wore an unusual stylish outfit. ‘Uppum Mulakum’ fan group and ‘Nisha Sarang’ ‘Neelu fans’ group have been discussing their favorite new movie news and makeover news. Anyway, fans are waiting for Nisha’s new look. ‘

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Dileesh Pothen, Mathew Thomas, Aju Varghese, Saiju Kurup and Dhyan Sreenivasan will play the lead roles in ‘Prakashan Parakkatte’. Shahid is the director. The shooting is in Kozhikode and Thiruvambadi. Produced by Visakh Subramaniam, Tinu Thomas and Aju Varghese under the banner of FunRastic Films, the film is scripted by Dhyan Srinivasan.