‘Trolls are only for me and Suresh Gopi’; Krishnakumar asks why he is not criticizing Mammootty

Actor Krishnakumar asks why Mammootty is not criticized for his political stance. The troll is only for himself and Suresh Gopi. He asks why he is not criticizing Mammootty. Krishnakumar’s response was to Twenty Four. He said his decision was to be active in politics.

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His response comes as discussions on Krishnakumar’s candidature continue. Krishnakumar says he will decide whether to contest the assembly elections if the BJP demands it. He added that criticism does not come at a face value.

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Meanwhile, there are reports that the BJP is preparing to field Suresh Gopi and Krishnakumar in the upcoming assembly elections in Thiruvananthapuram. It is in this context that Krishnakumar shares his decision to become active in politics.