The secret of success is in the way you walk! Premkumar congratulates Mammootty, the Gandharva of acting

After a few days, many celebrities became active on social media and congratulated Mammootty. Even those who are not very active have come up with a note about Mammootty. Actor Premkumar has also arrived to congratulate the Gandharva of acting. His note reads: Gandharva of the performing arts. As Gandharva Vasantham, the Infinite Awesomeness of Abhrapali, completes its 50th year of acting excellence, an ocean of wonder is rippling through the hearts of the audience. Like rain, like snow, like thunder. The great actor Mammootty is crossing the boundaries of Malayalam in the minds of the Malayalees, crossing the national languages ​​and filling all the minds. Mammootty is a star who shines in the past, present and future as a symbol of his acting prowess. Mammootty is the fortune of Malayalam with royal pride among the glittering stars who are eager to accompany him. As the eternal youthful color of beauty and shape, it shines brightly in the midday sun. Every day, he brings life and energy to a variety of characters – this marvel of cinema. The secret to success is to ‘walk the walk’. This great actor teaches us by pointing out a different new path of acting that he has walked. As he ascends the mountain of recognitions, honors and awards and sets up his own empire, he sheds the rays of compassion and the feathers of love and consolation on the needy. Innovative therapies to cure heart rhythms have become a guardian of goodness for helpless human beings and a cool breeze of relief in the sweet ways of humanity. On the silver screen, Unma’s attire is applied to the characters’ dreams, which are created by the craftsmanship of the geniuses. With its unblemished experience and the power of knowledge acquired, the characters’ depth of character is astounding, and even those who created it are amazed at the extraordinary excellence of the creative genius. Pearls and corals are immersed in the depths of the deep sea of ​​acting as a heroic, submissive, villainous, heroic and historical figure. Through subtle expressions that are not even visible in the magnifying glass, through the extraordinary control flexibility of the majestic voice, through the clarity of precise body language. The triumphal procession continues with different shades of acting. For Mammootty, who stands tall in the immensity of the immortal Great Wall with his 50 years of acting prowess in disguise. Humble greetings. Dear Mammooka, I sincerely pray that the Almighty will graciously grant me life and health to rise to the heights of acting, companionship, love, compassion and mercy for a long time to come. Prem Kumar’s note was “Happy Birthday.”

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