Priyanka Chopra in hair salon during lockdown; Police issued a warning

Police warn Priyanka Chopra for violating lockdown rules The incident took place in London. Priyanka was warned by the police after arriving at the saloon despite strict lockdown restrictions. Police arrived at the scene shortly after the actress arrived at the salon. The actor was released after being convinced of the restrictions.

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But Priyanka said that she had not violated the restrictions and had come to color her hair as part of the shoot. Priyanka also produced documents related to this. As a result, the police did not impose a fine on the actor. According to Priyanka’s spokesperson, she came to the salon following the instructions of the government.

A spokesman said Kovid had inspected the salon staff. But footage of the incident has been circulating on social media. With this, many people have come out against Priyanka. Social media is asking if the movie star is above the law.

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Filming is permitted in London, although there are currently lockdown restrictions. A spokesman for the star said that the salon was working only for this. Priyanka is accompanied by her husband Nick Jonas in London. The name of the movie that Priyanka is acting in is Text for You.