Prithviraj’s announcement for Sachi’s memory and wish fulfillment!

Director Sachi’s demise will soon come to the minds of Malayalam film lovers when they remember the losses of 2020. Even when Ayyappan and Koshy started from the movie ‘Chocolate’, when the person who said that this is not the movie of my dreams faded away, it was a great loss to Malayalam cinema. ALSO READ: When movie lovers lost their beloved director, Prithviraj lost his dear friend in terms of actor and person. Therefore, anything about Sachi is very important to Prithviraj. Sachi’s birthday is on December 25, and Prithviraj’s gift for a dear friend on the same day is now going viral on social media. December 25th is another special day for me. It is also the birthday of my dear friend, screenwriter and director Sachi. One of his many desires was to make a film of his own. Attempts to do so had also begun. Unfortunately, Sachi is not with us today. ALSO READ: Today I am making a banner announcement to keep his memory alive and fulfill his wishes. The aim is to bring you good movies through this banner. We look forward to your full support.

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