Pelly Mani recognizes Sreeni’s voice about the most beautiful thing in pregnancy!


  • Pele said she knew the baby was jumping from the inside.
  • “I know the baby reacts when he’s hungry and when he’s cold.
  • Pel says he gets a warning from inside his stomach if he is late getting up

Srinivasa Aravind and Pelly Mani are the star couple of the television audience. The two met at Bigg Boss. It was that love that led to the marriage. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Pelly and Sreeni are waiting for the baby. The ceremony was held after entering the seventh month. Pictures, video and pictures of the ceremony went viral on social media.

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About the movement of the baby and the beautiful moments of pregnancy Pelly Mani Was outspoken. Pelly Mani shared her experiences during an interview with the Times of India. The baby is known to jump from the inside. I know the reactions when the baby is hungry and when I am cold. If you are late getting up, you will receive a warning from inside your stomach.

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The baby reacts when he hears Srinivasa’s voice. Recognizes all sounds and responds accordingly. The first 3 months were miserable. Now all those difficulties are gone. Pregnancy is really fun. Now it is important to always be active. Walking is routine. Exercising daily. Pelly says that there is nothing wrong with this, whether it is in the flat or at the parents’ house