No one else can experience this! Roshna Ann with Kitchu

Kichu Tellus, a notable actor and actress through ‘Angamaly Diaries’ Roshna Anna Roy also got married in November. They were married after a three-year love affair. Now Roshna has come up with a post-wedding New Year picture. Roshna, who is active on Instagram, occasionally shares pictures together.

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In the movie, Kichhu is embracing Roshna. Along with the love image of the two, the tattoo of the two has also caught the attention of the fans. New year, new dreams, new opportunities. No one else can experience the love he gives. That’s what makes him so special. Roshna shared the picture on Instagram saying, “Love you dear.”

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The picture was taken by celebrity photographer Mojin Thinavila. The costume is made by Camella Boutique. Anthony KX is the makeup artist. Below the picture, the stars and fans have arrived to congratulate the two.