‘Money; It is not enough for you to be left-handed; The Left should be the Chairman’s favorite ‘, Abhilash’s words went viral!

Salim Kumar’s omission from the IFFK’s Kochi edition inauguration ceremony began yesterday.

Another controversy arose in Malayalam cinema when Salim Kumar raised the allegation that the festival was supposed to prove its worth but it was changed due to old age.

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When Salim Kumar came on the scene, he openly said that the answer he got when he was asked was because he was too old. Kamal, the chairman of the film academy, came on the scene with an explanation.

Thus, director VC Abhilash came on the scene with the circus post amidst the controversy.

Let’s look at Abhilash’s words!

“To Salimetta. I do not agree with the statement that this academy has a political interest.

“Money .. you should not just be on the left .. you should be on the chairman ‘s favorite left. You must be a disciple of the Chairman. Or at least write a biography of the chairman and place it in the book of his soul. Then you go to the movies “

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“Your film chairman and so will be a favorite of any jury in the academy.” Daddy is a dick of Daddy. Another poor National Award winner – VC Abhilash. That is Abhilash In a post shared on Facebook, he said, “Anyway, the social media aspirant’s post has been taken over. There is a lot of discussion going on among the fans through his page.


I agree with Salimetta that this academy has a political interest. I will correct. Severe Left …

Posted by Vc Abhilash on Wednesday, 17 February 2021