mammootty’s daughter: Mammootty to be sworn in tomorrow; മകള് സുറുമിയുടെ പിരന്നാൾ സമ്മാനം വൈരൽ – actor mammootty’s birthday, mammootty’s daughter surumi’s birthday special portrait goes viral on social media


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Tomorrow (September 7) is the 70th birthday of Mammootty, the personal pride of Malayalam. Despite the Kovid restrictions, the film world, his family and fans are preparing to celebrate his birthday. Meanwhile, the daughter for the father Surumi The painted portrait is going viral on social media.

The picture shows Mammootty’s black and white face looking up amidst the leaves and pink flowers. Surumi has drawn the portrait for Malayala Manorama. Surumi said that when he started painting Vapichi, he had a lot of anxiety in his mind and that it was not the face that many artists had drawn with all their love, but he had not yet matured for it. Surumi has said that although he often wanted to draw Vapichi’s picture, he has not done so yet, and this time, he is very happy to be able to draw it as a birthday present.

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For any daughter in this world, her father is a brilliant person, and so am I. All the good things in this world are touched by it. Vapichi’s love is as infinite as this great universe; In an interview, Surumi said that it is a color that can never be completely copied to the canvas.

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The 50th anniversary of Mammootty’s arrival in Malayalam cinema was recently celebrated. It is now his 70th birthday. His fans around the world are celebrating his birthday by doing charity work and donating blood.

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A great ‘Birthday’ present for Malayalam actor Mammootty!

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