mammootty 70th birthday: ‘You do not know how much I value you, I do not have a better photo together’; Prithviraj shared a picture of Ikka sharing her birthday wishes! – prithviraj sukumaran wishes happiest birthday to mammootty on his 70th birthday


  • Fans are preparing to celebrate the death of their beloved
  • There is a flood of congratulations on social media
  • The crowd swelled with love

The star of Malayalam is celebrating Saptahi today. Fans say that the star is in his seventies but not in his seventies. According to the information Mammootty Currently on location for the movie Worm. Everyone who is a part of Malayalam cinema has already reached out to the beloved on social media with various greetings. Not to mention the names, all the movie lovers and fans of the movie, fans, loved ones, family, friends and children have been greeted.

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Actor Prithviraj’s greetings are now gaining the attention of many movie lovers. The actor greeted her through Facebook. Prithviraj greets Mammootty by sharing an old picture with him. ‘I do not have a better photo together. You never know how much I can appreciate you as you do with a million other similar dreamers and movie lovers. Above all, thanks to Chalu and Surmi Chechi! Lots of love. The whole world loves you! Happy Birthday! Mammootty ‘about Prithvi.

Many fans have come forward with comments. Despite the Kovid restrictions, tens of thousands of Mammootty fans are making the birthday of their beloved star very special. Loved greetings from his fans all over the world and in the film industry on social media and elsewhere. Mammootty started with KS Sethumadhavan’s Anubhavangal Paalichakal. Mammootty was just an unnoticed junior artiste in the film starring Sathyan, Prem Nazir and Sheela.

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Hours before his birthday, social media was full of Mammootty’s birthday greetings posts. Along with the congratulatory posts of the beloved fans, the activists of the film serial industry also shared their words of love, care and experience on social media.

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