mammootty 70th birthday: Mammootty in full swing; ‘I still keep the shirt used by Mammootty in the cupboard’; Nishad’s post that got attention! – ma nishad remembers his good memmories with oral mathram movie on mammoottys 70th birthday

Director, producer and actor MA Nishad has a strong presence on social media. Malayalam megastar Mammootty is all set today. Many people come and say hello about their work experience with their loved ones. Now actor, director and actor MA Nishad is sharing a happy memory. MA Nishad says he is happy to work with Mammootty as he steps into production to study directing and how much he values ​​it.

It is through his Facebook page that Nishad reveals how carefully he cherishes the precious memory of Mammootty’s presence. In a scene from the movie Only One Mammootty Nishad still keeps the shirt he wore with him like gold.

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The director has also shared the picture. Nishad said that when he was acting alone, there were no caravans and no clowns around like there are now and Mammootty was the only actor from Ambedkar’s set. He arrived with a part of his forehead and a mustache. So I had to put on a wig and a mustache. However, Nishad said in a note that it caused him a lot of trouble as producers because his hair and mustache are a special beauty.

Here is the full text of MA Nishad’s Facebook post. ” ‘Mammootty sir @ 70’ ‘Malayalam megastar Mammootty sir is in his seventies … The English phrase’ Age is only a number ‘becomes synonymous when he sees him … We can compare Mammootty to Hollywood actor Marlon Brando … ”

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” A Northern Heroic Tale and Vidheyan can be a textbook for acting students … I first met him at the young age at Aluva Palace, the location of the Prem Nazeer film ‘Thunder and Lightning’. My father was an Aluva Dysp at the time … he was the one who switched on the movie. Mammootty Sara was the hero of Sathyan Anthikkad’s movie ‘I was the only one who wore the producer’s robe to learn directing later’. ”

“We decided to do the second part of their super hit film ‘Kalikkalam’, but it
By not happening, only one person happened. I do not have much in common with Mammootty. He starred in a film I produced, directed a cameo role in the film and co-starred in a program I did in Dubai. I’m especially interested in watching the characters he’s played then and now. “

“When he was acting alone, there were no caravans and no clowns around, as there are today. Mammootty sir, only one person came from Ambedkar’s set to act. He arrived with a part of his forehead and a mustache. So I had to put on a wig and a mustache. But that caused us a lot of trouble as producers. Because his hair and mustache are so special. “

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“Even then, George was the touch-up man and the make-up artist. Today George is the producer. Similarly, his personal costumer was the Tamil Ezhimala. Ezhimala later directed two films in Tamil. Today’s director Pramod Pappan was a regular visitor to our set then and they are still in Mammootty’s circle of friends. Telling stories and telling jokes with director Sathyan Anthikkad, Mammootty and others at the foot of the huge mango tree in the yard of the house at the shooting location in Mannur near Ottapalam are still nostalgic memories. ”

Thilakan Chettan, Sankaradi Chettan, Unnikrishnan, Sreenivasan, Lalu Alex, Mamukoya and Sudheesh child star Kavya Madhavan were among those who gathered in the shade that day. Cochin Haneefa and Murali Chettan and Jayaram came to see Mammootty from the location of the movie Karunyam. All that
Enjoyed the fellowship. ” ‘

” I still have my favorite shirt that Mammootty used by only one person. In memory of the first film. It’s safe in my closet too. The shirt did not look 24 years old. Even today it’s as young as the wearable megastar. Heartfelt birthday wishes to Malayalam mega star Mammootty Sir
Happy B’day Mammootty sir ♥ # Happybirthdaymammootty, # hbdmammootty, # manishad #happybirthdaymegastarmammootty ”

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