mammootty 70th birthday: Despite the rain in the middle of the night, the fans shouted in front of Mammootty’s house and shared sweets, finally the police arrived! – mammootty fans celebrates their favorite actors birthday at in front of his home midnight


  • The star is on the shooting set
  • Fans unable to confirm where the star is

The star of Malayalam is celebrating Saptahi today. Fans say that the star is in his seventies but not in his seventies. Every year at the door of Mammootty’s house in Kochi at midnight, there is a birthday celebration for the fans. This time too the fans came with cake. But even when it rained, the fans’ birthday planning was not in the water. During the rain, fans cut the cake outside the house and shared sweets. Fans shared the grief of not being able to see their beloved.

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Fans said that the star is now in Munnar and does not know if it is true. According to the information Mammootty Currently on location for the movie Worm. The policemen was finally used to avoid crowd of the crowd in a front of the house. A fan with a broken leg in front of his house in Kochi caught the attention of the media. Fans from all over Kerala gathered in front of the house to celebrate Priyataram’s birthday.

One fan said that Mammootty’s birthdays feel like Onam and Vishu celebrations and hence they are very happy. Fans say that they will be like this every year and may the star live like this for a long time to come. The fans returned disappointed that they could not see their beloved. Even during the Kovid period, fans from all over Kerala in front of Priyatara’s house turned it into a festival.

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In this social context, there are those who criticize such gatherings without any precaution and without giving face value to security proposals. Critics say ordinary fans and their in-laws, parents, wife and children are the victims of epidemics like Kovid and Nipa when all their loved ones are safe and secure at home.

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