‘Mamadharma’ is very small when viewed from a distance, and the vastness can be felt when approached; Ali Akbar with pictures

Director Ali Akbar shares pictures of the set for the 1921 film River to River, which is being produced with public money. He is preparing the set of the movie in front of his house. Ali Akbar says a large shooting floor is being set up in the backyard.

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From a distance, Mamadharma is very small. Ali Akbar shared the pictures saying that the pillars that rise when my sweat combines with the sweat of a community. Location for the film is also being sought in Wayanad.

Ali Akbar is making the film by collecting money from the people. Earlier, Ali Akbar had shared a picture of the shooting floor on social media. Some criticize Akbar for telling people. Ali Akbar has received a huge amount of support from Sangh Parivar supporters for the production of the film.

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Ali Akbar is coming up with his film after the announcement of Wariamkunnan starring Prithviraj. Ali Akbar’s film will portray Wariamkunnan as a villain.