Lal Jose in the memory of Anil Panachooran:

Director Lal Jose has left a lasting impression on his estranged friend. The director is now sharing his memories of his friend Anil Panachooran after his untimely demise. Anil Panachooran made his debut as a film lyricist Lal Jose It was through the film. In the movie ‘Arabikatha’, it starts with ‘Chora Veena Mannil …’ Anil Panachooran The song was well received by the fans.

After that, Anil Panachooran became a lyricist in various films. Now the film world is reeling from the separation of a beloved lyricist. Many people from the film industry came on stage to pay their respects. Now director Lal Jose’s post on social media is also going viral in cyberspace. The full text of the note is as follows.

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‘The medicinal value of Panachooran poetry was first known while undergoing treatment at Shornur Ayurveda Samaj. A time when discussions on Mulla and Arabic story were progressing. Screenwriter Sindhuraj recited a powerful poem to me. At first hearing, I felt the need to see the poet as I suddenly fell into the intricate right eye of those lines. Sindhu must have sent ghosts to Kayamkulam soon.

At noon the next day, a bridegroom knocked on the door of the hospital room, exhausted from his journey with a folded polythene cover in his hand. I came to realize at a glance that he was a fiery soul of the art of writing. After two days and nights of Panachooran poetry that flowed incessantly, I felt that I had been assigned to move a chair to Panachooran in Malayalam cinema. The latter is history. How fast did the Malayalee and Malayalam cinema take over Poomaram, which emerged from the bloody soil? The songs in the Arabic story opened up many opportunities for the poet in the Arabian Sea. The palm flowed into the sea of ​​song.

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The saddles that bound me with poetry whenever I collided in the middle of a rush. I have stored his songs in the video galleries of my phone to cure my difficult days. From the day I saw him, there were always worries about a friend who was living outside the door of a rented house despite the fire on Onam.

Recently, when he learned that opportunities were passing him by and that difficulties were increasing in Kayamkulam, he called Jimmy Kimmel to write a book on Revelation with a prayer for a second coming, and Jimmy Kimmel broke all records. Once again a Panachooran song was on my mind. Can’t we just think, he left without saying anything !!

I know you’re in heaven now. The song “Chora Veenamannil Ninnu” will also be sung by the Yaksha Kinnars. Once on the lips then You are a carpenter who carves lines so that they do not go down. I clap my hands in front of you, the wonder of spelling. Prostration. ‘