‘I left this scene before you were all born’; Rajini Chandy in a swim suit

Rajini Chandy has come under fire for her photoshoot. Rajinikanth’s pictures taken by Athira Joy were widely criticized yesterday. The question on social media was whether it is shameful to dress like this at this age. But Rajini Chandy has responded to the criticism leveled against her. Now sharing pictures of him in his swimming suit Rajini Chandy Is back.

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‘Many of you see me as an aunt who came to the cinema after 60 years wearing a skirt and pants. But when I got married in 1970 and moved to Bombay, life was not like this. I accompanied my husband, who was working in a good position, to official meetings and parties. He was dressed according to his lifestyle. ‘ Says Rajini.

Rajini’s response was through a video shared on her YouTube channel. Rajini has also shared pictures of herself wearing a swimming suit years ago. Rajini says that from time immemorial she used to wear jeans top and modern clothes. She says she would wear it when she had to put on a swim suit and bikini. She also says that those who make negative comments do not have the authority to tell her how to live.

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You are someone who lived my life before I was born and still leads a good life. There was no need to tell anyone that he had lived like this. Now that I have the opportunity to say so. They also ask why he is ruining his own life by making bad comments about others.