He’s like a Sequoia, does he have an acid bomb in his pocket? Diya shared her experience

Actress Ahana and her family are shocked when a young man broke into their house. Ahana’s sister describes the unexpected Diya Krishna. Diya described the incident by sharing a video of the young man on her YouTube channel. Diya says that someone like Seko broke into the house. The young man, who claimed to be a fan of Ahana, also demanded that he marry Ahana.

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Diya had come from Bangalore with Ishani. I was talking on the phone on the balcony. Meanwhile, he finds out when his younger sister Hansika comes behind him. Diya says that when she looked down from the balcony, she saw a young man holding on to the gate. He was scared. Mom opened the door and asked what she wanted. But Diya says he gave unrelated answers and told her to open the gate and come in and talk.

Diya said the incidents were similar to those seen in some Tamil Seiko films. With this he informed his father. Krishna Kumar decided to talk from the balcony instead of going out and talking. His father spoke to him, laughing without anger. But the young man said open the door and let’s talk. If not, his father asked if he would. His reply was that he would jump the wall. Diya says her father asked her if she would jump and he jumped the gate.

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They feared he had bomb acid in his hand. The lower door was not locked. Everyone ran downstairs. Meanwhile, Hansika quickly ran away and locked the front side door. He was trying to pull the lock open. In the meantime, they called their friends. His father also called the police. Meanwhile, Diya says that the young man realized that he could not open the door and started listening to music on the phone outside. After a while, the police arrived. They also jumped the gate and came inside. Diya says the young man told police he was a fan of Ahana and that it was the first time in his life that he had experienced something like this.