‘Going down to the real world today, Kovid is negative, and the quarantine is over’; Ahana with specials


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Actress Ahana, who was on the quarantine after Kovid became positive, has now come to share Kovid’s negative news. The quarantine, which lasted 20 days, was successfully completed. Ahana posted the pictures saying that she is going down to the real world today. Ahana has also shared pictures of the tablets and BP and Temperature Measurement Equipment that have been with her for the past few days after the quarantine and quarantine.

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Ahana shared a picture of the drugs used during the Kovid days and noted that they had been with her for the past few days. With the Kovid result being negative Ahana Krishna He returned to his home in Thiruvananthapuram. The actress was constantly interacting on social media about the unexpected incident that took place at Ahana’s house the other day. Ahana said he entered the house with the demand to marry her and that no one was harmed by the timely intervention.

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A handful of good films by Ahana are in the pipeline. The recently completed film is ‘Adi’ starring Shine Tom Chacko. Produced by Dulquer Salman Productions, the film has recently completed shooting. Ahana also shared the news of this. Ahana’s other films include Nancy Rani and Sunny Wayne starrer Pidikittapulli.