Before acting, the movie should be released and the bananas should be excited, Joyetta! Pongala for Joy Mathew on social media

Actor Joy Mathew congratulates V4 Kerala activists on the opening of the Vettila flyover before the inauguration. No one should teach the people of Kochi that the bridge was not built with the people’s tax money to open it for the convenience of the founder. In any case, congratulations to the new children of Kochi who saw the paddy field of patience Joy Mathew Posted on Facebook.

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But social media has come up with Pongala against Joy Mathew. Many have come up with comments. The milking of Joy Uncle’s house was done by the uncle of the next house. One comment was that it was before the work was done. Joy Chetton’s next film will be screened at Marine Drive before the release of V Fourcar. Another comment was that after the shoot, they were looking at the theatrical dates for the release.

Another advice was that if Joy Cheto goes to the hospital with a fever, don’t tell the bananas. Another comment was that Joyetta should get excited about the bananas before releasing the film.

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Vyttila Junction is a curse that the people of Ernakulam have been cursing for ages. When many traffic reforms were not successful, it was finally decided to build an overbridge.
Passers-by prayed fervently that the bridge be completed as soon as possible. As a result, the bridge was completed, but those who expected it to open today and tomorrow were wrong. The timing of the inauguration did not match. Tar barrels and barricades tired of waiting for the opening for a relocation. In his post, Joy Mathew asks, “Isn’t there an end to forgiveness?”