Anarkali heroine in bikini; Viral video

Anarkali has become the favorite of the Malayalees Priyal Gore. Though she did not act in Malayalam later, Malayalees still remember Nadira from Anarkali. Images shared by Priyal on social media often get the attention of fans.

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Now, Priyal’s new video is going viral on social media. The video of Priyal walking along the beach in a bikini has gone viral on social media. Sharing the video, Priyal says that the beginning is the year on a positive note.

Priyal has acted in a Telugu film after Anarkali. The actor later appeared in web series and television. Priyal played the lead role in the hit Abhay series. Priyal has been a part of many series.

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Priyal is very active on social media. Earlier, Priyal had won a photo shoot with scars on his face.