81 for Gandharva music; Greetings music world

Not a single day goes by without listening to Yesudas’ song. It is through the voice of Yesudas that the Malayalees, without believing in being a Hindu, a Christian or a Muslim, please their God. Yesudas’ songs will add to the love and longing of a Malayalee. The song is the first Yesudas song for a Malayalee. The view that a singer is so deeply rooted in a community cannot be found anywhere else.

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Today is Ganandharvan’s birthday. Even at eighty-one, there was no stumbling block to that sound. The film world and music lovers are congratulating Dassette, the personal pride of the Malayalees. Many people have come to congratulate the beloved singer through social media and others.

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For the last 48 years, Yesudas has been visiting the Kollur Mookambika temple for all his birthdays. But this time Kovid and Lockdown cheated. Yesudas is currently based in Dallas, Texas. Yet with his voice on the temple walk Yesudas Presence will be announced. Yesudas has decided to make music through webcast. For this, a special screen facility is being set up at Saraswati Mandapam.