Mahua Moitra Bag: On Mahua Moitra’s bag of lakhs, Swara Bhaskar said such a thing, the opponents will feel chilli!

Trinamool Congress Lok Sabha MP Mahua Moitra’s bag worth lakhs has made a lot of headlines. Mahua Moitra’s Louis Vuitton handbag has been discussed everywhere for the past two days. This whole matter is of Monday, when inflation was being discussed in Parliament. Trinamool Congress MP Kakoli Ghosh was speaking in the house, when Mahua Moitra, who was sitting next to her, was seen slowly placing her Louis Vuitton bag of lakhs under the table. Mahua started being trolled on social media. BJP leaders started taunting. But now Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar has not only supported Mahua Moitra in the midst of this noise, but has also said such a thing that the good will feel chilly.

Supporting Mahua Moitra on Twitter, Swara Bhaskar wrote that the noise that is being made is actually a failed attempt to defame an independent woman. Retweeting a tweet, Swara Bhasker wrote about the viral video, “This is yet another attempt to defame an independent and outspoken woman. Seeing from nowhere, it seems that Mahua Moitra is trying to hide her branded bag. He has had a prosperous corporate career and bought these branded items with his hard earned money? Then why so much controversy over this?’

Swara Bhaskar has already spoken in support of Mahua Moitra
By the way, this is not the first time that Swara Bhaskar has supported Mahua Moitra. Earlier, Swara supported the TMC MP on the ‘Kali’ poster controversy. Mahua Moitra then said on the poster controversy of the documentary film ‘Kali’ that everyone has their own point of view of seeing Goddess Kali. He said, ‘Everyone has the right to see and worship the gods and goddesses in their own way. For me the goddess eats black meat and drinks alcohol.’

Swara Bhaskar supported Mahua Moitra, gave this advice to Hindu right sects on ‘Kali’ poster controversy
The ruckus started with Shahzad Poonawalla’s tweet

Talking about the latest case, the video of Mahua Moitra in Parliament is very viral on social media. It started with a tweet from BJP leader Shahzad Poonawalla, in which he wrote, ‘Marie Antoinette Mahua Moitra while hiding her expensive bag during the discussion on inflation – this is a face of hypocrisy! A party which believes in TMC- Too Much Corruption, discusses inflation after not cutting VAT.’

Mahua Moitra said – had brought a bag

By the way, the uproar increased and Mahua Moitra also responded in the same manner to the taunts of the BJP leaders. He wrote, ‘Jholewala is a fakir in Parliament since 2019. Came with a bag… We will go with a bag.’

Discussion on inflation in monsoon session
Monsoon session is going on in Parliament right now. The opposition was demanding a discussion on inflation and other issues. On Monday, the government agreed to discuss in the Lok Sabha and on Tuesday in the Rajya Sabha. Meanwhile, when MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar was putting her point on inflation on the floor of the House. Then Mahua Moitra picked up her Louis Vuitton bag worth lakhs and placed it under the table, the video of which went viral on social media.

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