Mahesh Babu was broken 15 years ago, the mountain of sorrows, remained away from sight for 36 months, the reason would be tears

Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu is in the news these days due to his controversial statement regarding Bollywood. Whatever he said about the Hindi film industry, there is a lot of resentment among the actors and filmmakers here. However, in the meantime, many stars have also supported him, including the name of Kangana Ranaut. Mahesh Babu is the number one star of the Telugu film industry. When he was just 4 years old, only then he had stepped into the acting world. He had done 12 films in his childhood. After this, he has worked in more than one blockbuster movies as a lead. There he has a tremendous fan following. People are eager to have a glimpse of him. But do you know that there was a time when all was not well in Mahesh Babu’s life. The man in whose veins light…camera…action resides, that person had distanced himself from films for three years. It is said that he was battling depression. After all, what happened that Mahesh Babu had to go through that bad phase? Then his fans made a promise, what a promise it was! Let’s know everything.

This thing is from the year 2007. The fans of Mahesh Babu were shocked when he disappeared from the screen for three years. Fans were pleading that he should make a comeback in films. After all, due to which Mahesh Babu had distanced himself from films, he himself disclosed it later. Actually, this year his movie Athidhi was released, which proved to be a flop at the box office. Mahesh Babu could not tolerate this. She later told that she had given Pokiri and after that Athidhi took her to a different level. He could not handle that pressure.

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the mountain of sorrows was broken
Made the distance just because of a flop movie? No, it is said that when bad times come, everything goes bad. Same happened with Mahesh Babu. On one hand he was disappointed due to the failure of his film and on the other hand his grandmother had said goodbye to the world. Mahesh Babu spent his childhood with his grandmother, so he was very close to her. When the grandmother passed away, he could not bear the grief of her passing.

Wife Namrata’s parents also passed away
Mahesh Babu had told in an interview that that year was the worst year of his life. Not only grandmother, the parents of Namrata Shirodkar (his wife) also passed away in the same year. All this was happening simultaneously in his life. During this, Mahesh Babu was also thinking a lot about his flop movie. He was in a dilemma as to which movie to select and what to do so that his fans would be satisfied. Overall, he was regretting that he had let his fans down. He was very confused. At that time his son was only 8 months old. That’s why he decided to make a distance of 6 months from films, but when this time passed and changed into 3 years, it is not known. However, this bad time taught him a lot. Then they understood what they had to do.

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Not insured in all these three years?
Mahesh Babu also told that he was never insured in these three years, as he signed around 12 advertisements. At that time Telugu actors rarely got offers for advertisements, but Mahesh Babu was the first Telugu actor to do so many AIDS. He told that with the money received from these advertisements, he also built the house.

return of bang
After this Mahesh Babu refreshed and recharged and made a comeback in the year 2010. When this superstar took a break, his fans made a promise that they would not allow any of his films to flop. At the same time, Mahesh Babu also did not want to disappoint the fans with his work. That’s why his films get so much love from the fans.