Kishore Kumar Birthday: Kishore Kumar had changed religion, had become Karim Abdul, 15 interesting facts

Abhas Kumar Ganguly… Hearing this name, you will be thinking that who is he after all? But as soon as you take Kishore Kumar’s name, the light of your mind will light up immediately. Yes, don’t be confused.. Kishore Kumar’s real name was Abhas. He changed his name after joining the industry. Today is the birthday of Kishore Kumar, a famous singer and actor of Bollywood. He is no longer in this world but his memories are with us. Many films and many immortal songs are with us all. Which no one can take away from us. Let us tell the facts related to Kishore Kumar.

1. Kishore Kumar’s real name was Abhas Kumar Ganguly, he was born in Madhya Pradesh. In the year 2012, Kishore Kumar’s last song (which was never released) was sold for more than 15 lakhs.

2. Kishore Kumar’s brother Ashok Kumar has also been a famous name of the industry. Kishore Kumar started his film career with the film Bombay Talkies. He acted in this film as a singer.

3. Kishore Kumar worked on screen for the first time in 1946 with the film Shikari. His brother Ashok played the lead role in this film.

4. According to a report in The Better India, Kishore Kumar was inspired by Hollywood actor-singer Denny Kaye. He had even hung many posters of him in his house.

5. Before Kishore Kumar came to Mumbai, his brother Ashok Kumar had established a foothold in the industry. He also used to come and go because of Mumbai Bhai. His brother Ashok Kumar wanted Kishor to pursue a career as an actor like him, but Kishor was not at all serious about it.

6. Kishore Kumar had done four marriages. Married with Ruma Guha in the year 1950 and after 8 years both of them separated. Then married Madhubala in the year 1960 but the actress died after nine years of marriage. Then in the year 1976, Kishore Kumar married Yogita Bali and after two years both of them separated. He had married Leena Chandavarkar for the fourth time.

7. Kishore Kumar was so immersed in Madhubala’s love that he decided to change his religion after marriage. It is said that after marriage with Madhubala, he changed his name from Kishore Kumar to Karim Abdul.

8. Kishore Kumar sang a famous song ‘Panch Rupa Barah Aana’. This song was inspired by his Karz 5 Rupees 75 Paisa Karz.

9, A sign with ‘Kishore se careful’ is also hanging outside Kishore Kumar’s house.

Kishore Kumar used to sing songs in female voice as well. She sang in female voice in the film Aake Sidhi Lagi Dil Par.

11. Kishore Kumar has two sons Amit Kumar and Sumit Kumar. Both are associated with the music industry.

12. Kishore Kumar never worked for free in his career. He never sang a song for anyone for free. It is said that one of Kishor’s way of working was that he always used to take advance money and then work on the songs. But he didn’t just set his own rules on Rajesh Khanna and Denny Denzongpa.

13. Kishore Kumar sang 131 songs in Amitabh Bachchan’s career. Out of this, 115 songs proved to be superhit. Then came a time that this pair broke up.

14. In the year 1980, the pair of Kishore Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan broke up. The reason for this was that the singer asked Big B to do a guest role in his film Mamta Ki Chhaon but Amitabh Bachchan refused the role. This angered Kishore Kumar and again he never sang for Big B.

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15. Once Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar had told in an interview that his father had already realized the death. That day the father had stopped Sumit (Amit’s half-brother) from going swimming. Sumit himself was in Canada and Kishore Kumar was also worried about whether the son would be able to come or not. Then jokingly he mentioned heart attack. After this, he really got a heart attack the very next moment and he died on 13 October 1987 (Kishore Kumar Death).

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