Kiara Advani said – It is necessary to get married, but…? Neetu Kapoor gave right advice to mom

Movies are being seen one after the other in Bollywood these days, although it is a different matter that only a few films are able to bring the audience to the cinema. These days there is a lot of discussion about actors Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani’s film ‘Jug Jug Jio’. The entire star cast of the film is busy promoting. Two days ago, the stars of ‘Jug Jug Jio’ had reached Delhi and Kiara and Varun Dhawan were seen having fun among the public in Connaught Place. A press conference was held in Delhi regarding the film, where apart from Varun, Kiara, actors Anil Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, Manish Paul and filmmaker Raj Mehta were present. During this, the star cast answered all the questions of the media.

Kiara said – get married but?
There is a confusing theme about marriage in this film. In such a situation, when Kiara advani was asked whether to get married or not, Kiara said, ‘We should get married and everyone should do it. This is a very beautiful organization. This film is also about relationship. This is very beautiful. So one should get married and work too. While interrupting Kiara, Neetu Kapoor said that marriage should be done, but should be done with the right person.
Neetu Kapoor said- Kiara can become the best wife! Sidharth Malhotra sir… are you listening?
Maniesh Paul remembered ‘Nayak’
Recalling old memories, Manish Paul said, ‘I am from Delhi. I have hosted many premieres in Delhi itself. Last day when we were in Connaught Place, I remembered the day when Anil sir’s Nayak movie came out and I had hosted its premiere event in Delhi. And today I am here with him as a co-actor, it is a matter of pride for me. Responding to media queries, actor Varun Dhawan said that the film promotion experience in Delhi was wonderful. He said that he got a lot of love in Delhi. He further explains that his mother is a fan and friend of Neetu Kapoor, so I grew up watching his films.
Neetu Kapoor Dance: Neetu Kapoor did a wonderful dance with Anil Kapoor on ‘Ek Main Aur Ek Tu’, fans were surprised to see the energetic moves
I am a wonderful singer: Anil Kapoor
At the same time, actor Anil Kapoor hummed a song in his voice, which everyone was shocked to hear that he could sing so well. Anil Kapoor said that I am a wonderful singer. Neetu Kapoor is returning to films after a long time. He talked about his experience working with Anil Kapoor. Neetu Kapoor said, ‘Anil Kapoor is a very good actor and he gets to learn a lot. It was great fun working with him. He laughs a lot and (laughs) keeps himself young.’

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