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Kannai Nambathey Tamil Movie Download

M. Maran, the director of the successful movie Natku Ayaar Kannai starring Arulnidhi, has directed the movie ‘Kannai Nambathe’. Prasanna, Srikanth, Satish, Marimuthu, Bhumika, Aadmika, Subiksha, and others acted in this movie along with Udayanidhi Stalin. Udayanidhi Stalin, who works in a private company, becomes roommates with Prasanna. That night, Bhumika’s car gets into an accident. Seeing that, Udayanidhi leaves Bhumika at her residence and takes her car. He also thinks to bring the car to Bhumika the next morning. But his dead body is lying in that car. What happens after this? What are the mysteries behind that death? How did Udayanidhi get involved in that incident? What is the grand plan behind that? Don’t believe your eyes.

Directed by: Mu. Maran
Written by: Mu. Maran
Produced by: V. N. Ranjith Kumar
Release date: 17 March 2023
Country: India
Language: Tamil

Arun and his friend go house hunting and finally find a house to rent. But Arun agrees to move into the house when he learns that Somu (Prasanna) is already living in the house and that he will vacate it in a couple of days. That night Somu and Arun’s friend are drinking when Arun sees an accident on the road. Immediately after approaching, he finds a woman in a car unable to drive and takes her saying that he will drop her at her house.


  • Prasanna
  • Srikanth
  • Satish
  • Marimuthu
  • Bhumika
  • Aadmika
  • Subiksha

Kannai Nambathey Tamil Movie Download

The girl gets down at home and helps Arun by giving her car to Arun and asking him to bring it in the morning. A shock awaits Arun the next morning as he narrates the incident to his friends. The woman he dropped off at home is the same woman lying dead in the back of the car. Immediately, he tells Somu about this. Who is that girl? How did he die? Who put the dead body in the car? The screenplay heats up with the questions.

Two friends go to great lengths to cover up a murder. But all ends in failure. M. Maran has shot this in a thriller style. The film is made to run for 2 hours and 12 minutes. Although we have some questions about the script, the film does not include scenes that are not necessary for the story. Thus the film is not boring at any point.

As befits the title of the film, the next move leaves the audience wondering who to trust and who to suspect at the end of each scene. Especially the scenes up to the first half of the film have interesting twists and unraveling the knots for the second half twists, the film has developed into a good thriller story. Even though it is based on the concept that their crime is punished, they keep watching it carefully till the end.

Flashback scenes in some thrillers may not be accepted or contain weak scenes. But as far as this film is concerned, the flashback scenes are not up to the mark. And the scenes in the film move one after the other without getting boring. The director has given proper importance to all the characters. This is not to say that this is an unnecessary character.

However, the cinematics of the climax scene is not enjoyable. Marimuthu, who is a police officer, is the right choice for the character, but he brings laughter in the scenes where he picks up the gun. Prasanna’s performance is an added strength to the film. From the very beginning, he approaches the problem without any tension and gives his realistic performance in places where he reveals who he is at the crucial turn.

We go into the perspective of ‘Kannai Nambade’ as a thriller film. However, nowadays, CCTV cameras are installed at all the turning points in Chennai city. But there are CCTV cameras in only three locations of this film. And the question arises as to whether people should go on the roads at night or not. And we also see how the character who follows the friends goes to the scene before them. So, it seems that a little more attention could have been paid to those scenes.

Actors like Udayanidhi, Prasanna, and Bhumika have brought the seriousness required for a thriller film. But is it so shocking when you see a murder? Also makes it appear in a couple of places. The cinematography and music of Kannai Nambade are strong. Both of these have helped convey the visuals to the audience’s mind.

Despite being the hero, the director has succeeded in showing Udhayanidhi as an ordinary person without big heroic scenes. Satish, Vasundhara, and Atmika are also seen alone in their respective scenes.
The scenes where Srikanth and Bhumika come together are perfectly shot.
Sidhu Kumar’s background score lends a helping hand to the film. The dialogues and cinematography are a bit choppy in some places.
If you watch it without preconceived notions and expectations, ‘Don’t Believe Your Eyes’ will not disappoint!

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