Zayd Khan, Sonal Manthero starrer ‘Banaras’ lyrical song released

Banaras is the much awaited movie of Zaid Khan as the hero. Directed by Jayathirtha, this movie has already attracted the audience from different directions. Curiosity has arisen. The credit for intensifying it all goes to the songs that came out cute and were released step by step.

There is no one who has not fallen under the charm of the recently released song called Mayagange. Even today, Mayagange is trending in everything including literature, music, visualisation. Meanwhile, a lyrical video song has been released.

Why did Jayathirtha agree to make a film for MLA Jameer Ahmed’s son Zaid Khan?

This song starts with ‘Ella Trolu Ella Trolu, Sikkapatte Kolestralu’. Lyrics are written by V Nagendra Prasad. Specially, this song is sung by Ajanish Loknath who composed the music. Nagendra Prasad is famous for his melodious songs. He often proves that Tappanguchi Sangi is Sai. It is proved once again by this troll song.

Banaras Movie: Zayd Khan, Sonal Montero starrer ‘Banaras’ release date announced

In particular, Zaid Khan shines again in this song. By that, he has created more hope. All those who had seen the song Mayagang earlier spoke highly of Zaid. Now the said troll song has also been appreciated. There is no doubt that this song, which has adapted to the current trend in its lyrics, will also set a trend.

Banaras is a Pan India film made simultaneously in five languages. It is lovingly produced by Tilak Raj Ballal. Coastal girl Sonal Montero stars alongside Zaid Khan as the female lead. Starring Sujay Shastri, Devraj, Achyut Kumar, Sapna Raj, Barkhat Ali etc. Banaras, which has already created a lot of expectations, will be released on the fourth of November.

‘I had a different opinion about Zaid Khan before my sister..’- Sonal Monthero

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