Zaid Khan: My Muslim style of speaking annoys the viewers, I dubbed it by someone else: Zaid Khan

Movies are being released one after the other. The Kannada film industry, which is enjoying the success of ‘Kantara’, is releasing a film with a different story. Chamarajpet MLA Jameer Ahmed’s son Zaid Khan and Sonal Monthero starrer ‘Banaras’ is releasing on November 4 in five languages. Here is an interview given by Zayed Khan about this Pakka content based film.

Father Jameer Ahmed is a political leader. You had an opportunity to enter politics, why did you choose cinema?
Dad told me that I have had enough of politics, you don’t want it, get involved in some industry. I was interested in acting. So I came to the film industry

You said there was no support at home..why?

Now there is some change in the house. My father wanted me to be a businessman. So they did not cooperate with me in the beginning.

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Have you seen so many movies? Now you know how difficult it is to make a movie…
It is difficult to shoot and make movies. There is a big difference between watching a movie and doing it. After years of training in an acting academy, it was a bit difficult to make a film. I learned Kannada

Father is from Hubli Event Bandru. You said that you will not do that to lower father’s head.. Then he was very emotional

Yes, he hugged and kissed me, feeling that his son was doing so much without my help

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Did you do the Kannada dubbing.. then canceled it…
I have Muslim slang. What I am doing is a Hindu character. Muslim slang appeared after dubbing my character in the entire movie. It can annoy people. I told her to dub for someone else so as not to cheat on the role.

Even the first movie is full of fear and excitement. Your father is a man named Jameer. Do you see the world with two eyes.. Millions of eyes in the world see you. What is the responsibility sir?

I do not appear in public places. Grandma used to always warn that politeness is important at home. It is also true that responsibility has increased.

Sir, before the release of your movie, you said to boycott Banaras.. Why do you think so?

I am not bothered about the boycott. If we put a stone on the puddle, it would hurt us, so I kept quiet

Cinema is entertainment and conveys a message. A lot of elements are hidden in it. But without watching the movie, I feel like they are dragging the party and religion…

Definitely felt it. Doing this is wrong. The barrier of language has been removed and everyone has come out. The whole world is looking at our Kannada cinema.

Go to Varanasi, Tirupati, Bandri, do you believe in all religions?

No one has shot as many fireworks as I have. I studied in a Hindu school called Srikumar. There were 99% Muslims, 1% Hindus. I have no discrimination between Hindu and Muslim. Zaid Khan always speaks negatively. I accepted it.

What did Shivanna say about the movie?

Shivanna has seen the trailer of our film and said that he is full of hope

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