Yogaraj Bhat: Yogaraj Bhatt’s ‘undergraduate’ film crew locked before release, yet another film announced

We have already heard a lot about Yogaraj Bhat and Padavi Poorva Movie, jointly produced by Yogaraj Bhat and Ravi Shamanur Films. What you may not know is that the film is being directed by Hariprasad Jayanna, a prominent member of the Yogaraj Bhattar team. But now, while the ‘pre-graduation’ film is still in post production, the production company has announced another film with the same director.

Yes, one of the producers who watched the film during the post-production process, ‘Vikataka Kavi’ Yogaraj Bhattar, is preparing to produce another film, which is a favorite of his team and the performance of director Hariprasad Jayanna. Another producer of cinema, Ravi Shamanur, has also happily agreed to partner with Bhattacharya.

Yogaraj Bhatt and team join undergraduate college

The young actor Prithvi Shamanur will continue to be the hero in the film ‘Pre-graduation’, which is set to hit the screens in October. Prithvi has already played a major role in Yogaraj Bhatt’s upcoming film ‘Garadi’. It is not always easy to be allowed in the camp of the Bhatt. We are thankful for the acting skills of this young actor who charmed the band and his team with his exceptional talent.

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The film crew will be searching for new talent this time too. The film claims that this time, auditioning will allow them to recognize the true desi talents. Director Hariprasad Jayanna said that most of the members of the team of eager young technicians who worked for the ‘pre-graduation’ will also be seen in the new cinema.

Leading actor Actor Prithvi Shamanur and director Hariprasad Jayanna and team of All The Best, who got the chance to do another film with the same production houses, as they do with their tidy work, as the work hard in silence.

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