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Our view of the outside world does not change with yoga. Instead we change ourselves. One can gain inner awareness through yoga. On Tuesday, the International Day of Yoga celebrated a similar purpose. Saath also hosted other movie stars including Sandalwood for the day, inspiring his fans by sharing various Yogasan photos. Here is the Zalak of the stars yoga day.

Medicine for the health of the body
Sharan, a Kannada film actor, took to social media early in the morning and wished him good luck on World Yoga Day. Actor Ganesh has taken a photo of himself in Siddhasana and inspired the fans by performing various Yogasanas in a Jaggesh event. While actress Asha Bhatt has taken a photo of her poses with a youthful yoga emphasis, actress Radhika Narayan has also been featured in various yoga postures.

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Nature and Yoga
Yoga is also celebrated in Bollywood, with actress Alia Bhatt sharing a photo of herself with her pet cat. Actress Shilpa Shetty has also shared a video of her doing yoga and inspiring fitness lovers.

International Yoga Day: Yoga Day Celebration

Actress Diya Mirza pranayama at the beautiful spot of nature, ‘You can do pranayama anytime and anywhere. Yoga and nature make life better, ”he wrote on social media.

Worldwide Jogging ‘Yoga’: Students participating in the celebration

Actress Nimrat Kaur shared a photo of herself with the tree and wrote, “Yoga Best to start the day well”. Actress Neha Dhupia shared a photo of her yoga with her little children.

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