Vishal: Accident during shooting: Injured Vishal admitted to hospital

Kollywood actor Vishal is injured. Actor Vishal was injured in an accident during shooting. Vishal was immediately admitted to the hospital. The shooting of the film has been halted as Vishal is admitted to the hospital.

What really happened?
Vishal participated in the shooting of ‘Marc Antony’. Vishal participated in the action scenes of the movie ‘Marc Antony’. In ‘Marc Antony’, Vishal was doing stunts without a dupe. This time Vishal got hurt. The injured Vishal was admitted to a private hospital in Chennai. The shooting of ‘Marc Antony’ has been stopped for now.

‘I had saved money to buy my own house, I will give it to my children’s education’ – Vishal

Pan India Cinema
Pan India movie ‘Marc Antony’ starring actor Vishal. Adhik Ravichandran is directing ‘Marc Antony’. S. Vinod Kumar is producing this film under Mini Studios banner. Ritu Verma, Sunil Verma, Ravi etc are playing important roles in ‘Marc Antony’. GV Prakash Kumar is directing the music for the film. Ravi Verma, Peter Hayne are composing the action scenes.

Accident during shooting: Tamil actor Vishal hit his back

Vishal was also injured in July
On July 3, actor Vishal was also injured during the shooting of ‘Lathi’. Vishal got a serious injury on his leg while shooting for action scenes. As a result of his leg injury, he was unable to walk.

Vishal: Accident during the shooting of the movie ‘Lathi’; Actor Vishal seriously injured his leg!

Role of Police
Vishal has appeared as a policeman in the movie ‘Lathi’. Scenes of the goons attacking a surrendered criminal while being taken to safety by the police were being shot. In this case, Vishal fights using a stick for safety. But the opponents have weapons. At this time, a weapon that was with the opponent hit Vishal on the leg and injured him.

Thus, A. Directed by Vinod Kumar, Laathi is produced by Nanda and Ramana. Sam C.S. Music composition for this film. ‘Lathi’ is also a movie that is being made at a pan-India level.

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