Vikrant Rona: Nagatihalli Chandrasekhar listed the best features of the movie ‘Vikrant Rona’

Abhinaya Chakraborty Kiccha Sudeep’s movie has been released and is showing success everywhere. Anoop Bhandari directorial ‘Vikrant Rona’ has a house full board in many theatres. The graphics, set work and camera work in the film ‘Vikrant Rona’ have been widely appreciated. Now the famous Kannada director Nagatihalli Chandrasekhar has also expressed his displeasure about the film ‘Vikrant Rona’.

Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar has listed the best features of Kiccha Sudeep starrer ‘Vikrant Rona’ on Twitter. Nagatihalli Chandrasekhar tweeted that the music and cinematography in the film ‘Vikrant Rona’ are top notch.

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Nagatihalli Chandrasekhar’s tweet
I would like to list the good points of “Vikrant Rona” as a viewer. Our genuine regionalism; Art/ Photography/ Music/ Sound Design – These are top notch; Sudeep’s engaging style; Uncompromisingly rich construction. The Kannada audience should not be cynical and should really be proud of such different kinds of experiments,” tweeted Nagatihalli Chandrasekhar.

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Super fans!
After seeing Nagatihalli Chandrasekhar’s tweet about the film ‘Vikrant Rona’, fans said it was super. “The pride, greatness and dignity of Kannada is our master.. Nagathyhalli sir, a cultured gentleman who is always known for his activity. A fan commented that your statement about Kannada’s Desitana movie ‘Vikrant Rona’ is super.

What is Kiccha Sudeep’s response?
Kichcha Sudeep has responded to the tweet made by Nagatihalli Chandrasekhar. Kiccha Sudeep tweeted with a bowing emoji.

Rajamouli congratulated Kiccha Sudeep
Congratulations to Kichcha Sudeep on the success of ‘Vikrant Rona’. It takes guts to believe in such scripts. If you believe in this film, now it is successful. The preclimax of the movie is the most important moment. That alone is super,” famous Tollywood director Rajamouli tweeted.

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‘Vikrant Rona’
Directed by Anoop Bhandari, ‘Vikrant Rona’ stars Kichcha Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, Neeta Ashok, Jacqueline Fernandez, Ravi Shankar Gowda. Ajanish Loknath has composed the music. William David Photography is for the film.

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