Vijay Raghavendra: Vijay Raghavendra & Harshika Poonacha paired in ‘Kasina Sara’

Actor Vijay Raghavendra has now accepted a new film in which he will be seen as a farmer activist. The film is titled ‘Kasina Sara’. For the first scene of that movie, Cooperation Minister S.T. Somashekhar clapped and wished him well, this movie is being directed by National Award winner Nanjundegowda.

Kasina Sar Bari is not a luxury – Vijay Raghavendra
‘The choice of the subject of the film is good. They have tried to tell it in the form of a story. Here the coin chain is not just an ornament. In rural areas, Kasina Sara has its own importance. That’s not just pretentiousness. It has a meaning. Apart from that there are problems of farmers. In this film, I am seen as a peasant fighter named Sundaresh. I am playing the role of a young man who hopes for agriculture’ says Vijay Raghavendra.

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Harshika Poonacha as Sampige
Vijay Raghavendra is paired with Harshika Poonach. My character’s name is Sampige in this film. Appearing as an agriculture student. I am playing the role of a young woman who is involved in agriculture while the current generation is looking for jobs in IT companies and abroad after completing their studies. This is the first time in all these years that I am appearing in such a role. This is a real role and the performance is very important’, Harshika Poonacha has informed about her role.

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Agriculture also has its own heritage
‘Coin chain has heritage and tradition. Similarly, agriculture also has its own heritage and tradition. We are trying to convey that in this film. This is a really different film. Agriculture is being technologically modernized on the one hand. On the other hand, the people who depend on agriculture are worried. This is an attempt to articulate these things. Director Nanjundegowda has informed about the movie that the film will be shot for 40 days in places like Channapatnam, Malavalli, etc. as it is a rural story. Venu is working as cinematographer for this film.

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I am playing the role of a farmer fighter for the first time. According to me, ‘Kasina Sara’ is a movie with a different style of story. This is a story that connects people to their lives in the current situation.
-Vijay Raghavendra, actor

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