TV stars Skanda Ashok, Chandu Gowda unite for ‘Flat #9’

An interesting trailer of ‘Flat #9’, a murder mystery film directed by young director Kishore, has been released. Flat #9 starring Skanda Ashok of ‘Radha Ramana’ fame, Chandu B Gowda of ‘Lakshmi Baramma’ fame.

Tejaswini Sharma of ‘English Manja’ fame plays the female lead in this film. The film team prepared for the release of the film shared information about the film through the trailer.

Chandu Gowda said, “I played the role of a psychiatrist in the film, and this role is very different. Besides, I can say that Skanda Ashok, my wonderful friend, accepted it for him. The shooting of the film has given me a great experience. The film has turned out well.”

Director Kishore said, “This is my first film. It is a crime-based film story. Skanda Ashok, Chandu Gowda and Tejaswini Sharma agreed to do the film with me after hearing my story as a newcomer. The entire film team supported me. The film is well made and everyone should be encouraged to see it.”

Skanda Ashok said, “Kishore put in a lot of effort and made this movie. We have finished shooting in Ondolle’s comfort zone. I have appeared as an investigation police officer in the movie. The movie has turned out very well. As always, let us all love and support this movie.”

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Actress Tejaswini Sharma said, “This is the first film I have signed. After completing engineering, I was working as a research analyst. I am also a World Supermodel South Asia title winner. After that, this is the first film approached. There is a single content in the film. The whole story revolves around my character. “It’s done well. The movie is releasing on December 2. Everyone watch the movie and tell the team,” she shared information about the movie.

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The film is produced by Kishore, Santosh Kumar, Santosh GN under Kishore Creations banner. Music direction by Dinesh Kumar, Camera work by Rakesh C Tilak, Action direction by Vikram More, Editing by Ganesh Mallya. The cast includes Ugram Sarath and Ganesh Rao.

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