Trivikrama: Ravichandran’s son Vikram in ‘Trivikrama’ cinema

(Harish Basavaraj)
The stage is set for the grand entry of Vikram Ravichandran, the second son of Shaman Ravichandran of Sandalwood. He is making his entry into the film industry as a hero through Trivikrama. Director Sahana Murthy says that Vikram made a promising film in the first film.

Directors of Vikram’s romance trilogy, Middle Class Love Story, have said that this would be a good launch pad for Vikram.

‘Trivikrama Cinema is a love story of a middle class boy. The hero’s name is Vikram and the heroine’s name is Trisha. We have named them ‘Trivikrama’. The hero is a mirror and the heroine is a Jain community girl. Vikram, a middle class, is a cinematic tale of what happens when Trisha falls in love with a wealthy household, ”says Saharana Murthy.

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He has directed hit movies like ‘Rose’ and ‘Mass Leader’ and has now given his action cut to ‘Trivikrama’. Trisha is the mother of Mahavir. So we named the heroine. Vikram has not been made a hero in the film because he is the star son. Instead he fits right into this role. Those who have seen the movie will know it. Vikram is the same person I want my story to be. So when I told them the story, they also happily agreed. Even though ‘Vikram’ was his first film, he did very well. Akanksha Sharma has appeared in several commercials as well as several video albums. He will also play the role of ‘Trisha’ which I have written, ”says the director.

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The tiger-like hero ‘In this film we have shown some traditions of the Jain community along with a love story. These have been done and researched. Middle class boys take life very easily. The rich do not enjoy life as much as the middle class. All this is in the cinema. Vikram’s character is connected to many young people. If he roars everywhere like a tiger, the heroine is living in fear like a deer. She is such a moody girl that something happens when you drink coffee. We have tried to show who is sacrificing more for love in this film, ”explained director Sahana Murthy.

The film has a huge cast including Tulsi Sivamani, Suchindra Prasad, Shivamani, Sadhukokila and Mumbai artist Rohit Roy. The song ‘Please Mommy’ has already been viewed by over 80 lakh people. Arjun has composed the genre. Akanksha Sharma is the heroine of this film.

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