Totapuri: ‘Totapuri’ Comedy Kamal: ‘Baglu Tegi Meri Jaan…’ 200 million mark

After the success of the movie Neerdose, Jaggesh and Vijay Prasad are all set to make a comeback with the movie ‘Totapuri’. ‘Totapuri’ is also in the list of expected movies this year. There is no doubt that this movie is full of entertainment along with comedy as shown in the trailer. This is the first time that the shooting of both parts of a comedy film has been done in advance and it is making a lot of noise before its release.

The first chapter of the movie ‘Totapuri’, which will be released in the form of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, will open worldwide on September 30.

Totapuri: Jaggesh starrer ‘Totapuri’ will release in the month of September

200 million jubilee
It is known that the song ‘Baglu Tegi Meri Jaan…’ from the movie ‘Totapuri’ made a sound all over the world. From the old to the young, people from all over the country have fallen in love with this song. Not only that, from social media to any ceremony, home, car, office, etc., ‘Totapuri’ song is sung. Who recreated the song? Thousands of people did reels and dances. In addition to all these, ‘Baglu Tegi Meri Jaan’ has managed to record 200 million hits. Anoop Seelin has composed the music for this song, Vijay Prasad has penned the lyrics and Vyasraj Sosale and Ananya Bhatt have sung the song.

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Record of Totapuri Taragana
The movie ‘Totapuri’ was made in two parts and was shot for hundreds of days. The film team is of the opinion that this is the first time this Pari has done shooting for a comedy film. It is notable that ‘Totapuri’ is a big budget movie among Jaggesh’s movies. Also, many artists including Dali Dhananjaya, Aditi Prabhudeva, Suman Ranganath, Veena Sundar, Duttanna, Hema Dutt are in the cast.

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‘Totapuri’ is an entertaining movie with a special story. Director Vijay Prasad said that the viewers will know that there is comedy in it along with the current happenings in the society.

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