Thurthu Nirgamana: VFX technology highlights Sunil Rao starrer ‘Emergency Exit’!

Harish Basavaraj
The number of new films in Kannada is increasing. Last week was the first Virtual Cinema release in Kannada. Thurthu Nirgamana is releasing the first time loop in Kannada this week. The directors have provided excellent content using VFX technology.

Hemant Kumar L, who was the assistant director of ‘Wheat Color Normal Body’. The first-ever ‘Emergency Exit’ movie is already making a noise from the trailer and the songs.

Raj Shetty, serious in emergency departure: This is a new kind of character
First Time Loop Cinema
‘Ours is Kannada’s first time loop movie. This is also a science fiction. The three days of hero Actor Vikram are important in our cinema. Those three days are repeated many times. We have used VFX technology to make the time loop. During the pre-production, we shot, prepared, storyboarded, and prepared for what would have been a good, if any, background of characters. So it didn’t hurt that much in post production. There are many scenarios in the cinema that are predictable. Our VFX has worked to make people believe that this can happen in our lives too, ”says Hemant Kumar.

Sunil Raoh: ‘Excuse me like cinema.
We have used death as a metaphor
‘Birth, life and death – these are the three most important events in everybody’s life. We have done the same with our cinema. Vikram has three days to live. The story is what happens in those three days. We have shown here what Vikram finds and his mood at the moment. Vikram looks like a representative of all of us. We have used death here as a metaphor. With both Sudharani and Achyut Kumar, we have shown what happens after death. We have tried to create emotional scenes in VFX, ”says Hemant Kumar.

Sudha Rani: Sunil Rao starrer ‘Emergency Exit’ actress Sudharani
This is a cinema limited to the cinema
In science fiction, thrillers usually tell stories. But we kept the family drama and made science fiction movies. Family drama, science fiction and comedy are in our cinema. So this is called janner’s flow. As soon as I wrote ‘Emergency Exit’ I decided it was a cinema limited. Cinematic Experience is great in this movie. We have been working on this film for Visual Experience for 13 months, ”he said.

The film features Sunil Raoh, Samyukta Hegde, Hita Chandrasekhar, Achyutkumar and Raj B. Shetty, Sudharani and many other artists.


We built an emotional story using VFX. Science fiction, though, is a film that connects to all genres.
Hemant Kumar L., Director

Excuse me actor Sunil Rao

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