Thurthu Nirgamana: Two heroines who came to the emergency exit: one is an aspiring young woman, the other is a cricket coach

Harish Basavaraj
There are two heroines in ‘Thurthu Nirgamana’, the hero of Suneel Rao of the film ‘Excuse Me’, about whom director Hemant Kumar L. Has spoken here.

Actresses Hita Chandrasekhar and Samyukta Hegde are the heroines of Kannada’s first time loop ‘Emergency Exit’. Director Hemant Kumar said the two characters complement the story of the film.

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Ambitious hita
Actress Hita Chandrasekhar plays an aspiring young woman in our cinema. Sunil Rao is a lover of the actor. The heroine is waiting for the hero to become something very clever. As soon as he knew he would do nothing, he left. This is one of the reasons for the change of character of Sunil Rao. Hemant Kumar also says that his character will also be in Flashback and Present. ‘All the characters in this movie are like a bouquet. The bouquet looks beautiful only when everything is there. One flower of such a bouquet is the character of Hita. Many girls can relate to this role. The role of the irresponsible youths is also connected to this role, he added.

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Cricket coach Samyantha
Generally, little girls tend to like the big ones better than them. The director said that Samyukta had acted in such a role. He does not care whether he is good or bad. The character of Samyukta has a different effect on the life of the hero. ‘ Usually the role of heroines is limited to romance and dance. But there is a perfect backdrop to the roles of heroines in ’emergency exit’ cinema. So, they are responsible for the seven ups and downs of the hero’s life, Chitanda said.

The role of women is huge in every man’s life. They have meant a different way of life to men. Director Hemant Kumar says that the two heroines of my film will also do the same for the hero Vikram.

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