This song is everywhere!

Hatrick Hero .. 123rd Cinema starring Century Star Shivraj Kumar. Vijay Milton’s ‘Biraigi’ is currently under post production. ‘Biraigi’ will be released soon and now the first song of the movie has been released. Duniya Vijay has released the song ‘Nakkarankha’ from the movie ‘Bairagi’.

The song ‘Nakkarankha’ in the film ‘Bairagi’ is an entry song by Shivraj Kumar and is set to be Sakhat Moss. Dr. V. Anthony Dasan has composed the song, which is produced by Nagendra Prasad lyrics and Anoop Seelin Band.

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Dunya Vijay has released the song ‘Nakkarankha Nakkarankha Nuggibanto nadahuli … Takarataka Takarattaka Egaribanto Kadahuli …’ on the special day of Akshaya Third Day.

What did Dunya Vijay say?
‘The song is Mass Beat. Anthony Das Voice is a thrill of hearing. A song that matches the energy of Shivanna. I also enjoy Sakhat. Actor Duniya Vijay said, “I am hopeful that the song will be liked by all who hear it.”

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Shivraj Kumar has hit the stage with ‘Hundred Dancers, Huge Set, Color Full Costume’. A fair was set up near a temple near Banerughatta. The song has got a big boost, ‘says producer Krishna Sarthak.

Trending is the song Nakkarankha
Released on Akshaya’s third day, ‘Nakkarankha Nakkarankha’ lyrical video song has already received over 20 lakh views on YouTube. More than 21,000 people have been singing the song ‘Nakkarankha Nakkarankha’. Surprisingly, there is not a single disliked song for the song ‘Nakkarankha Nakkarankha’. The song ‘Nakkarankha Nakkarankha’ is at # 12 trending on YouTube.

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Directed and cinematised by Vijay Milton, the film is based on the story and screenplay. The film has Guru Kashyap’s dialogue. Krishna Sarthak has produced ‘Bairagi’ under the banner of Krishna Creations. Jagdish Gowda will distribute the film across the state.

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