This is a news about Kannada comedian Tennis Krishna: Is it true?

Tennis Krishna is a popular comedy actor of Kannada film industry. Tennis Krishna is famous for acting in more than 600 movies. Tennis Krishna’s hand in tickling comedy. Now a news is spreading about Tennis Krishna, who has done comedy in several hit movies. Adenappa Andre, Tennis Krishna, who had been entertaining the audience for so long as a comedian, has plunged into politics..!

Yes… Comedian Tennis Krishna is said to be entering politics. It is reported that Tennis Krishna will join AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) tomorrow, August 4th (Thursday).

Raghavendra Rajkumar, Tenis Krishna, S Narayan, Rekha Das in ‘Samsara Sagar’

program in Bangalore
A program will be held at the AAP Party office in Bengaluru at 10.30 am on Thursday, where Tennis Krishna will officially join the AAP party.

This is the first time that Tennis Krishna is entering a comedy show

Tennis Krishna
As soon as tennis is Krishna… Kannada cinephiles remember that dialogue – “Haven’t the bell rung yet..?”. So much so that Tennis Krishna’s comedy in ‘Gadbidi Aliyya’ is etched in the memory of cinephiles.

Actually, before entering the film industry, Tennis Krishna was a ‘tennis’ coach. Because of this ‘Krishna’ also got ‘tennis’ associated with his name.

Actor Tennis Krishna-Rekha Das will paint in the popular serial!

‘Jeevan Chaitra’, ‘Appa Nanjappa Maga Gunjappa’, ‘Tarle Nan Maga’, ‘Chikkejamanru’, ‘Bombat Hendti’, ‘Jolly Guy’, ‘Cheluva’, ‘Kaurava’, ‘Thutta Mutta’, ‘Preetsod Tappa’, Tennis Krishna acted in films like ‘Patela’, ‘Surappa’, ‘Diggajaru’, ‘Neela Megh Shyam’, ‘Thuntata’, ‘Anna Thangi’, ‘Veera Madakari’, ‘Bulbul’, ‘Uppi 2’.

Doddanna and Tennis Krishna combination, Rekhadas and Tennis Krishna combination worked out in many movies.

Protest against ACB in support of High Court opinion: AAP leaders in police custody

It remains to be seen whether Tennis Krishna, who has made a name for himself in the film industry, will be successful in the political arena as well.

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